RAMPANT LEFT TAKEN DOWN AND OUT: Melbourne police take back the streets!

"There's No Change Without CHANGE"


PEPPER SPRAY from what I’ve seen is not a very pleasant experience. BUT, when you are witness to a bunch of violent thugs being taken down, it is truly a spectacular moment in time.

Melbourne police take back the streets and show exactly what they think of anarchy!

My god, what a glorious day! Saturday the 18th of July 2015 will be forever be remembered in Melbourne. The anarchist group’s have lost their ground. Finally these thug style groups have been taught a brutal lesson. They simply cannot go around physically attacking people on the street, for having different views and opinions. It’s called breaking the law! They have now been publicly exposed to the whole of Australia and the world. Their parents must be proud?

Subject: Reporter cops a punch at violent protest


As I sit here I seriously can’t help it, I am still…

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