TOKEN MUSLIM WALEED ALY *The Project and Muslim Brotherhood golden child*

Below story by Larry Pickering TOKEN MUSLIM ALY, ONE MORE IN THE ABC’S MENAGERIE OF GALAHS   10 MONTHS AGO As recent events send shock waves through the Left’s apologists for Islam, Waleed Aly is trying to disconnect his debased Islam from terrorism. “There is no genocide in Iraq”, says this self-promoting, illiterate fool. Sunni Muslims are slaughtering, beheading, raping and torturing tens of thousands of Shia Muslims, and anyone who isn’t Sunni, across the north of Iraq. So, why does Waleed Aly believe this is NOT genocide? Well, simply because Waleed Aly is a Sunni Muslim and when you’re siding with the Sunni Islamic State terrorists, it can’t possibly be genocide, can it? When Sunni Muslims herd thousands of Shia Muslims into trenches and demand they stay still while they are sprayed with AK-47 bullets before a bulldozer fills in the trench, leaving many alive, “don’t be concerned, this is a complex issue” utters this cosmetically challenged excuse for an Egyptian Australian. I guess the Sunni convert in black, with a penchant for filming his decapitation of Westerners, is misunderstood and needs counselling too eh, Waleed? Perhaps when Shia sympathetic Iran decides to move against Iraq’s Sunnis, little Waleed may have a change of mind about the term ‘genocide’. This over-promoted, over-paid “academic” responded to the Boston Marathon bombings, with, “it is encouraging that we’re finally maturing in the way we handle terrorism”. Hmmm. He said recently on ABC radio, “Israel used chemical weapons in Gaza and America itself used them in the Iraq War in its attack on Fallujah in 2004.” What absolute garbage, there is no evidence whatsoever that Israel used chemical weapons in Gaza or that the US ever used chemical weapons in Iraq. But that shouldn’t worry the little token Muslim because the ABC Fact Checking Unit never checks what passes for “fact” on the ABC. In an interview with Tanya Plibersek he asked, “Can you give us an indication of precisely the scope of this (ISIS) threat and the mechanism, can you describe it in precise terms? Because it’s not immediately clear to me when you consider this is a movement on the other side of the world that seems to be importing people rather than exporting them.” He continued with his objection to Australia’s involvement in Iraq, “We are almost certainly going to be killing civilians, is there a point at which the loss of civilian lives that we inflict directly means that the mission is not worth it. So is there a number that you might be able to identify or ball park so that we can say ‘this is when it’s gone wrong’?” WTF? Crumbs, even the Leftie Plibersek gave him short shrift. The vast majority of Australians are disgusted by this failed rock star and his un-Australian views, but he is certainly fitting in well with his admirers at the ABC. When media like the ABC gives people like this air time we have serious problems within our national broadcaster that should be addressed with more than mere budget cuts. If there is one person I would like just ten minutes in a locked room with it’s this little obnoxious germ.  Below comments from Islam for infidels. Unfortunately, Aly is not illiterate. In fact, quite the reverse. I have done some research on his career. There is a significant gap for 12 months where he went to Egypt and then came back a committed moslem. He went over there with a BA in Art. After returning he went back to Uni and got a degree in Engineering and another in Law. This is the typical behaviour of many Muslim Brotherhood operatives…and I reckon Aly is one of them. What do you think? This is THE PROJECT manifesto: I don’t believe in coincidences like this — Aly in The Project on Channel 10 Come on! How stupid does he think we are?

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