AAI [ Australians Against Islam ]

"There's No Change Without CHANGE"

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Throw your support behind this courageous team!

AAI [ Australians against Islam ]

This established group is about bringing control back to Australia. To voice that it is unacceptable of a religion, to dictate what is & isn’t allowed in Australia. To dictate to the public what is ok & not, Islam is not integrating into Australia successfully. To dictate to the Australian public, is taking over plain & simple.

A successful multicultural country does not operate like that. We need to preserve Australian way of life for all who are here now & future generations to come!

We certainly don’t want to collapse like England or European countries, where there are over 700 communities where authorities cannot even enter. These communities are run by 100% sharia law. No one but Muslims can enter.

Do we want this for Australia, where you can’t pass…

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