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I came across this the other day, thought it would interest some. MJ

13 Types of Muslims

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Submitted by Chanakya Acharya (India), Jul 12, 2006 at 01:35

Once again Excellent Articles by Prof. Daniel Pipes. Although we all know that Islam literally means “Peace” and in practical it stands for ” Terrorism” or ” Mass Murder of Innocents”. Followers of Islam are muslims or Momineen .According to the behaviour , there are 13 types of Muslims ,

1) Suicide Bombers : These are the most dangerous type of Muslims , they are willing to die in order to take lives of innocent non muslims.They are filled with deep hatred to massacre non muslims and are willing to go to any extent to do it.

Examples : Sept 11 Hijackers Mohammad Atta & Company, 7/7 Bombers , Daily Suicide attacks in Israel by Hamas , Islamic Jihad ,etc.

2) Suicidal Terrorists…

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