MAYHEM when EAST meet’s WEST

"There's No Change Without CHANGE"



I’ve gathered a few current videos showing the catastrophic consequences of the UN and EU’s decision to open the flood gates to the refugees.

Border checks are being avoided by refugees & the EU have even bypassed identification checks. These countries are in serious trouble in such a short time.

The complete CLASH of society couldn’t be further from each other. It can only get worse, all we can do is sit back and watch the destruction of Europe when EAST meets WEST.

To the honorable Mp Peter Dutton.

This below is Europe right now & it’s going to become far more destructive.

When Australia’s Muslim population gets bigger & bigger, this chaos will follow it is inevitable. This is what Islam creates.

Below video: Current Hungarian police battle with refugee riot

Below video:  Current warning- schools telling German school girls to cover up.

Below fake…

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