Time to call a SPADE a SPADE

"There's no change without CHANGE"


Below grand mufta of Australia.


Below article: Inhumane remarks from Australia’s grand mufta.


To the honorable Mp Peter Dutton.

The above article speaks volumes of how the Australian Grand Mufta secretly (actually) thinks. HE IS the 100% *discriminatory* one by far.

How can anyone be so foolish to listen to this wolf in sheep’s clothing?

How can anyone trust that face? His eye’s hold evil intent.

images (1)

How dare he Mr Dutton claim this is discrimination? My god Christians, Jews & yazidi people face genocide at the hands of Muslims in those countries.

This greatly upsets me that he is given enough rope, to even falsely claim Sunni Muslims are in danger. A minority maybe.

But ALL Christians & ALL Yazidi are at threat of slaughter or slavery.

It is forbidden to take any Muslims as slaves. Only non Muslims can be taken.

He the Grand Mufta…

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