Domestic violence worsens due to those pretending they are helping

Domestic violence needs to be studied without bias or hate, and in doing so, one sees the clearer picture and causes.

What I discovered shocks me, that the very people under the guise of self glory have actually stopped real progress.

I personally saw on TV and news, Government and police state that domestic violence is not a crime but a civil matter, this is an utter lie. Any assault is eligible for assault charges and if denied, then police and government are at large fault. Furthermore, it is hypocritical to pretend in public that they are fighting violence but at same time saying hit a woman it is civil, hit anyone else its a crime of assault.  I also observed funded domestic violence entities to see what effective input they have, research it yourself, it is same old useless nothings, nor do you see them pro-active when serious cases occur. I guess like ministers the perks make people into fat cats.  The media seems to be more genuine in their fight against DV.   We see high status people ride DV for self glory and manage to fool those who do not scrutinise, how many premiers or ministers have said things but nothing occurred, then Turnbull rides it, easy to toss money for votes which the money has no fixes, thus a gross insult to women and victims.

We then see victims made to be advocates, usually far too biased understandable, though a recent one seems much in tune and has raised similar to what I am about to write.

There is a reason why DV is rising and not falling, and that in itself shows current themes are wrong.  Not once do I see the trigger factors and prevention factors tackled, but instead see useless TV adverts which are irrelevant to these instantaneous triggers where the adverts are not even in the attackers mind.

Most violence is random and has a trigger be it booze, drugs, relationship issues or intimidation etc. We will never be able to stop the triggers, but can act once the trigger becomes evident.

The governments refuse to create statistics and gather evaluations on serious violence incidents, therefore they know absolutely nothing, however, I studied many cases into this sphere to gather statistics, thus the keys to good fixes.

All serious cases has an emotional mental trigger within the attackers, often an AVO, or its subsequent prevention of access to kids, or sudden homelessness from the AVO etc.  Here is a quote from the batty case trigger QUOTE:

Anderson’s life went into free fall. He was often homeless, living out of a car.  Intervention orders were made which allowed Anderson to continue to have contact with Luke, but only in a public place — and Anderson was to remain away from the family home. END QUOTE

Two triggers, homelessness and restrictive access to child.  Of course this does not justify anything he did wrong, but the emotions in such issues are a mental defect, human emotions in either gender are known to create the most extreme reactions.  usually never predictable.  That mans reactions are the worst ever case of domestic violence I have ever heard of, but the partner does not hate him.  The worst cases were against kids, but when kids are dead, the media paints the parent as the victim of the partner, when more a victim of the consequences.

HERE IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF A HIDDEN TRIGGER BY COURTS AND MEDIA. Man throws child off westgate bridge, immediate reports were he was a loving dad. I was there below the bridge that day, my mind had sensed something bad where the girl landed just before it happened, very bizzare. No dad will do this unless mentally disturbed or emotionally disturbed to mental proportions was my first unbiased reaction. Anyway a long time after, not by govt stats, I discovered the trigger, a custody order had just been made, but imagine had it not been made is my point. See article quote: QUOTE:

Arthur Freeman upset over custody battle, inquest hears

The morning he threw Darcey off the West Gate Bridge, Freeman called a friend in tears about losing a custody battle, the inquest heard.

Senior Sergeant Damian Jackson told the inquest Freeman had never provided an account of what happened that morning.

The day before Darcey’s death, after a long custody dispute, a court had reduced Freeman’s access to Darcey, the inquiry was told.

The court was told Freeman was angry and upset about the decision and on the morning of his daughter’s death he called a friend in tears. END QUOTE:

BOTH INVOLVED KIDS AND CUSTODY, Kids treated like possessions rather than amicable access, though that can be hard in some cases, but gets worse when the access issues worsen.

This mans trigger later became obvious, the court chose to ignore it but shouldn’t, as we need more of these after event statistics which govt refuse to do.  So, just another waste of life in disgusting manner, but caused by mental emotional trigger, triggers we need to start addressing and assessing.  It seems likely in both cases, had child visit restrictions not been made, the incidents most likely wouldn’t have occurred.  I have seen the mental and emotional harm to women who lost access to their kids and men are no different though people just assume men wont care that deep about their kids.

DRUG AND ALCOHOL violence, is a self responsibility to act upon rather than tolerate, as they are rare to improve, likewise gambling addicts moods.  I will not get into these cases as the solutions are common sense unless kids are involved.

POLICE AND COURTS CONSTANTLY FAIL VICTIMS. In Victoria, the average police response time is now almost 3 hours, useless to crimes in progress including violence, many DV calls were never attended, how bizzare? but police say they take it seriously.  Then the theme police are sick of abuses of the AVO system, even if they make the order, most often are called back again because the victim took their partner back in, or AVO used to rid new boyfriend and to have old BF removed, or created out of spite, even made to help jump state housing queue, as confirmed in my conversation with a state DV psychiatrist who was surprised how aware I was on these matters. We both concurred they should get huge penalties for making it hard on real victims credibility. As I know, that this puts police off giving credibility.

Then police and courts classic case of assisting death and domestic violence per this following case matter in Sunshine Victoria, man got out of court for AVO breach where he was cited as a threat to life, and an hour after he got out of court, he stabbed her 17 times to death in a public shopping mall in front of everyone, but the judge seemed to think after a few breaches he was a safe nice bloke?

This brings me to the disgrace that govt hide using whitewash royal commissions etc, The failure of our AVO system, the very reason why many women stay and tolerate violence because they can not trust the system, and how much more evidence do we need than the clear cut Above sunshine case. She would still be alive had our systems been better and done via my proposed policy ideas. My policy ideas would have prevented many deaths and bad assaults.

NOT ONE GOVT NOR TURNBULL ADDRESSED THESE REAL ISSUES, they keep sidestepping them and put more victims at risk, and money better spent on my policies. And why are domestic violence funded groups advocating these type changes? because they really do not care or understand as much as they allege.


immediate action and onus placed upon assailant where evidence of fact proves they breached the law, this prevents setups. And the onus is not a civil matter but a criminal assault charge, and mandatory counseling and psychiatric assessment govt funded. This helps determine likely triggers and educate them that such triggers are fruitless, and help them cope with the separation or issues.  A very smart set of questions designed for this test to trap them into how they feel about certain elements, and potential triggers shall easy be detectable in their answers.  After the test, the report and themselves are returned to court, this is to happen fast.  The report rates and ranks possible issues, for example, man was aggressive about losing custody, man was very aggressive of partner, man still making threats or hate signs and on what.  The court then has 3 categories to rate this, unlikely to offend, likely to offend or very likely to offend, and each has a mandatory breach sentence attached, so the person knows what he is in for as disincentive if he breaches and stuck in their mind as deterrent. If they breach they get the category they were rated as their sentence. Or the court may think they are too dangerous and lock them up regardless under assault law.

Custody matters seem to be a main trigger in the worst cases, this too needs consideration at this point, assess danger level, and try not hinder parental access, however, in the batty case, even public place assess limit even set off a trigger, so these issues need work to try find a better solution.

The mandatory counseling, will be very valuable as an onus and awareness, and taught key points on triggers and how not one trigger ever, has benefited the person implementing it, show samples of all the aforementioned, all in jail all in strange guilt forever, let them see footage of these people shaking and broken down, and vision of the damage, let them know how to deal with breakup, homelessness and custody matters, start supplying temp govt housing for 6 months, Let them see that moving on is the only option and that revenge never works. Allow them access to social services, but no nice treatment just systematic and keep the onus instilled upon them. The outcome of such course will also be used in a 3rd case in court but more preferred in the aforementioned evaluation case.

Not one case would have been prevented by media awareness, as they are always instantaneous emotional actions and reactions, fighting it the right way can help all persons concerned even the kids, and reduce repeat offences and wastage of police and court time and prison costs.

Every victim to get a booklet laying out what protections and safety they have available but also educating on why one should not remain with a violent person, for future court reference if a repeat occurs, the courts can say, you were advised in the booklet at the dangers of staying with a violent person, and, often merely staying, invokes further violence.

Emergency housing should be in reverse, never kick out the victim into temp housing, instead let them stay and give the assailant the temp accom.  As instant homelessness is just another trigger, as nobody likes to be homeless overnight without warning.

These policies actually have a big prospect of educating people to in future be more responsible, so why have all professionals and glory seekers been ignoring all these more important factors? IT IS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE AS MUCH AS THEY SAY AND DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES THEY TALK UPON.

I was once during a political campaign setup by some green leftists on domestic violence where they doctored the real text, and it spread over the internet as a permanent illegal smear upon myself, but it never deterred me from continuing to fight for these injustices.

Written by Brian Woods

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