My letter to the PM and Minister Dutton, very important document



It is time government studied Islam as well as I have, and present the case to parliament in order to stop granting further visa’s of any type to people of the religion of Islam.

The recent police shooting incident is just a drop in the ocean, and best we manage the Muslim numbers we already have. I dare to say I know more about these matters than our top level specialists as I studied this far longer and get global feeds daily in which never hit our media who Govt rely too heavily upon.

Anyone who studied Islam and the Koran, know for certain these issues will worsen as they have in Europe.

I have done polls, MEDIA ZERO v OURS 100%, the media is faking the backing of Muslims and Islam. The big votes are in ousting them and ignoring the fake media hype.

These people can NOT be de-radicalised, first people must learn that the reason they do these things is related to their abiding of the Koran.

The big community divisions over this religion even Halal, mosque permits, dress code exemptions tax deduction large scale donation scams, random jihad actions, in which many countries have started banning all this, as they learned the hard way ahead of us.

Stopping visas is a big positive step and needs not be announced and just adopted quietly, but we must use the Jehovah precedent of the high court to likewise not recognize Islam as a religion and therefore cut off its abuse of sect 116 of our constitution.

It is stupid that government think most are moderate Muslims, there can be no such thing if one reads the Koran and observes the strong adherence to it. This case is far stronger than the high court Jehovah decision.

Contain what numbers we have and it automatically de-powers them and reduces radicalization. You increase a group they get more powerful and confident, Especially a religion that all abide by in which says force everyone in the world to convert to Islam or be punished “this is a evidenced fact”.

Do ministers want to wear future blood and incidents on their hands by continuing to say “poor things we need to de radicalize them”, but that can not happen when one fully understands why and how they are motivated, and the non Muslim converts will also stop once we de-power current Muslims.

Ministers need to urgently be educated by facts and not the illiterate media.

It can never work, you cant bring in people who adhere like glue to a religion that’s says take over the world and force everyone to convert to Islam or be punished or killed, it is clear fact the Koran states this, it is exactly what ISIL say they are implementing overseas, it is no use evading these facts, This means every single Muslim, otherwise they are no longer a Muslim and get sharia punishment if they stop abiding by the Koran, so powerful the Koran following comes ahead of their own family.

Every single Muslim is a sleeper cell, all are awaiting the word to start enacting the forced conversion to Islam on non Muslims and punishment or death if they don’t.
I found far more women than men hate Islam, they fear it, as women are the biggest victims in the next stages, as seen in Sweden for example, 1 in 10 raped by Muslim migrants, do not underestimate women’s votes on this issue and let the media fool you.

People are getting offended hearing politicians paint these as compatible nice people, the Koran says to fit in as best you can in appearance, it says lie to seek your aims.

These people die for the Koran’s words, they let their own kids hands get chopped off if they steal something and so on. They are all radical in many varying ways.

The EU invasion was no accident and too sudden, and already its got so out of control they cant reverse it and civil unrest started to occur whereby they are going to vote their governments out of office. And for certain ministers assisting them are not getting re-elected,
If I am ignored, then very fast after it, Government will see I was right but find it too late to react. That dead police officer could have just as easy been a politician at their electorate. These people are not worth the risk and disharmony, they do not fit in and are a known national security risk.

I cannot believe we are still granting them visas, Only a fool would refuse to admit this religion has been and continues to be problematic in many ways and the Koran they abide by and enact here is divisive and in many cases breaches our laws. The media questioned many who all said sharia is to be recognized ahead of our laws, a recipe for total division not radicalization but enactment.

It was wrong and upset many Australians to hear our leader state that most Muslims are not involved in all this divisive stream of events.

I challenge this government, to send out a questionnaire to all Australians like a mini referendum to solve this issue once and for all, and in it, plead no sides case,

• Do you feel Islam/Muslims are creating division in Australia yes/no
• Do you feel we should omit Islam/Muslim religion from visa eligibility yes/no

Simple as that, and the result will be a surprise to GOVT and that I can guarantee and do not announce sending it out or the media will try manipulate.
This in itself earns you votes by being seen to give the people a say for once, that in itself will impress.

I live in a Muslim enclave, I know first hand what these people are like, and Governments will learn fast and too late, that the voters in huge majority do not agree with the media and governments on these issues and huge vote shifts overseas have occurred and shocked leaders, furthermore, it was so bad, that when I listed the police shooting in our groups of several thousand, the first responses were a fear government will again play the de-radicalisation card, and were proven right soon after, and can assure you, the feed back was 1000% disgust at government, and people saying government is out of touch. They should know, as our group gets all global feeds that our media hide and most are educated on how the Koran operates. I am not affiliated with Reclaim or patriot organizations, I am an expert on Islamic/Muslim issues, so much in the know, that I reported Monis days before he committed the siege to feds who marked it urgent, where I supplied info stating he has heightened to an imminent terror threat, but days later was still able to commit the siege, then we discover even more info after it about why he should not have been free, I was able to report a clear worded Anzac day threat to life to feds the night before Anzac day, they liaised with me at 2am in the early morning, but showed no skill, even asked if I can track their location which shocked me, however, I did track them and supplied feds with details to access the persons info. I also reported many other incidents and people as I get more feeds and info than our intelligence agencies do. So please do not underestimate my knowledge’s and information’s. as they are proven as good.

Govt should not publicly defend Islam; silence is more a wise and safe choice.

Why do you think all EU countries have huge problems and divisions over these issues at the moment? For fun? If so, you’re a fool, as these people are very very serious and have good reason to be.

Our Government has ignored all AUSTRAC warnings, and instead are sheep followers of fake media stories glorifying Muslims and hiding the bad sides. Several weeks ago, via a friend, a German news reporter was told they will be sacked if they reported how many recent rapes were occurring by asylum Muslims, and this is why governments are blinded by holding media as their intelligence source.

It angers people to see government manipulate or ignore their opinions and views, and this is occurring and angering them and they say it will be their main vote decider as they genuinely feel we will end up damaged like EU countries now are, and they are right via factual evidences, and oddly, mostly women are anti Islam and very passionate about it and fear for their kids futures, many say they are very scared, no matter what government says.

Extremism starts once their numbers are big enough, they then start getting instructions given by Muslim councils to mosque leaders who instruct followers to start enacting the Koran, and we are feeding this and shielding it with our stupid thoughts on de-radicalisation. It is like telling people we can de-radicalise ISIL.

What does Govt have to lose by banning visas to those of Islamic religion trapped by religion question in visa applications? They started their own economy here, even AUSTRAC can confirm that, and have huge halal tax deduction scams, $27,000 per month certification fee passed on to 5 others who are all donation status so the single $27,000 becomes 5 times $27,000 via tax and donation deductions and maybe 10 times, one as business deduction and other as donation deduction paid by taxpayers, a license to print tax funds. The Halal inquiry ignored this and that worries me, as it is factually occurring, but I shall soon expose this public if ignored much longer.

Our migration often knocks out some regions to give others a go, and now is the time to knock out Islamic, we have favoured them long enough a very good run.

Please give this document the serious consideration it deserves, as it will mean big vote loss or gain to government.

Let me assure you, it is so big that several party’s plan to go for the anti Islam vote, and like UK it will shock Govt how big that vote is, as had those criteria been Australian criteria, they had enough vote to oust Government, but UK criteria made it harder.

One party well organized and due to launch in October Liberty alliance with Geert wilders overseas politician launching it for them, is about to get huge following and votes, but this party is a worry, as their inner motives are nothing to do with Islamic issues which they use as a vote grabber, great opportunism on offer.

My party also has a big following and great policy but am yet to decide on what level I will push in sharing in this vote legitimately.

Ask your membership people how many resignations occurred recently, it is huge, and where will they go to now?

No it is not, but govt seem to act as if it is

The suggested national questionnaire will answer all this to you in the most factual way.

I shall conclude with a few versus of the Koran

See following page.

1) Koran 3:28 “Muslims MUST LIE to the Infidel to strengthen and SPREAD Islam
2) Koran 98:6 “Infidels are the VILEST of creatures deserving NO MERCY”.
3) Koran 3:28 “Moslems must NOT take the Infidels as friends.”
4) Koran 8:60 “Moslems must muster all weapons to TERRORISE the Infidels.”
5) Koran 2:191 “SLAY the Infidels wherever you find them.”
6) Koran 9:123 “Make WAR on the Infidels living in your neighborhood.”
7) Koran 9:5 “When opportunity arises KILL the Infidels wherever you catch them.”
8) Koran 8:12 “TERRORISE & BEHEAD those who believe in scriptures other than Islam”
9) Koran 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is NOT acceptable.”
10)Koran 5:33 “MAIM and CRUCIFY the Infidels if they criticise Islam.”
11)Koran 33,57-61 “KILL any one who insults Islam or Moham-mad”.
12)Koran 3:85 “Islam is the ONLY acceptable religion”.
13)Koran 2:1 “Koran CANNOT be doubted”.
14)Koran 2:21 “KILL all Moslems who leave Islam”.
15)Koran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with Infidels; BEHEAD them when you catch them.”
16)Koran 8:65 “The Infidels are STUPID; urge the Moslems to FIGHT them.”
17)Koran 9:30 “The Jews and Christians are perverts; FIGHT them.”
18)Koran 22:19 “PUNISH the Infidels with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt
their skin and bellies.
19)Koran 4:3 & 24:5 “Infidels can be RAPED & SOLD as SEX SLAVES.or WORK SLAVES”.
20)Koran 65:4 “Marrying, Divorcing & Raping of Pre-pubescent GIRLS is permitted”.
21)Koran 4:34 “BEATING of WIVES is permitted”.
22)Koran 2:223 “RAPING of WIVES is permitted”.
23)Koran 24:13 “To Prove RAPE requires 4 (four) MALE Moslem witnesses”.
24)Koran 2:216 “Moslems must FIGHT (jihad) to the Infidels.
25)Koran 4:101 “Infidels are the SWORN ENEMIES of Moslems and Islam”.
26)Koran 9:29 “FIGHT those who believe in neither God nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what God and His apostle have forbidden, and do not embrace the Religion of Truth, from among those who were given the Book (the Bible), until they render tribute,in SUBMISSION.”
27)Koran 9:111 “Moslems will be rewarded with PARADISE if they DIE or KILL fighting for
Moham-mad”. (Koran.65:4).

THIS IS MASS RADICALISATION NOT INDIVIDUAL RADICALISATION LIKE GOVERNMENT MISLEADS THE VOTERS WITH. These defy religion status, and fail all visa criteria, and breaches Australian laws.


Brian Woods

Leader/founder Secure Australia Party

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