"There's No Change Without CHANGE"


Sent this off to channel 7, in response to the poll being manipulated by Mel GREGSON her self. One of the founders of No room for racism group.

Mel GREGSON the  red head that spewed out UTTER LIES to channel 7 & any channels for that matter. She is the QUEEN BITCH of the left. The very VIOLENT QUEEN BITCH.IMG_7117495443778902

MEL GREGSON * MANIPULATING* YOUR VOTING POLL. You can go look for yourself in her No Room For Racism (page)

No Room for Racism shared Sunday Night’s photo.

12 hrs · Edited ·

“Do you think Reclaim Australia represents Australian values?”

After sympathetically broadcasting the racist and bigoted views of Reclaim Australia, Seven Network is now asking people if they support their Islamophobia.

Please vote ‘NO’ and share

**You can vote as many times as you like if you open the poll in a new window each…

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