DARK DAY’S silent “jihad” within USA, AU, UK & EU. United Nation’s NWO agenda!

"There's no change without CHANGE"

DARK DAYS jihad within our countries!
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Below video: URGENT ATTENTION BANNED IN AMERICA: Putin tells the world who is responsible for ISIS, who CREATED them, who PAYS them, who ARM’S them! EVIL OBAMA that’s who!

BELOW URGENT ATTENTION: United Nations *allies*, Saudi Arabia, Obama, Jordan, Turkey, Quartr etc, trying to implement their MARXIST COMMUNIST New World Order agenda!

GET STUFFED UNITED NATION’S, GET STUFFED ISLAM, traitors to mankind worldwide.


To be an American at the moment must be a pretty terrifying position to be in, or you are one VERY PISSED OFF American. I couldn’t imagine the anger you would have atm against your Obama the DARK ANGEL, undermining US armed forces, letting known mosque’s to breed terrorists, having Muslims throughout the most highest of security departments, an unsecured southern boarder?

Obama FUNDING and ARMING ISIS oh my bloody god? My prayers go out to…

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