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What I am about to write are evidenced facts in which all our agencies fail to put together in order to see the big picture. Last week the media and police finally highlighted this big fast growing problem of Islamic crime networks in ALL STATES, however, I not only have amassed more evidences than our intelligence agencies and police, but I get many local and overseas feeds and also I reside in one of the main Muslim enclaves. A big problem is media reports and police reports have hidden these issues from authorities via deliberately omitting the religion etc of Muslims, therefore hiding the magnitude of this Cults percentage of serious and organised crime. I have supplied solutions in which need not name any particular denomination or religion.

In Victoria, Muslims have setup a strategic line of enclaves all adjoining eachother like a new border of the outer metro total north and west, from Epping, to roxborough park, to Glenroy, Dallas, Broadmeadows, Gladstone park, Keilor and through to Werribee, and such large border-line can be useful in times of civil war or unrest.
Also many mosques are oddly being opened in rural areas Australia-wide where hardly any Muslims reside, and most are within 10km of an airstrip. These can store gear and feed the aforementioned borderline.

The Muslim draft constitution of Australia, clearly plans a coup of the Australian government as an event that WILL happen, and is more complex in draft than our own existing constitution thus made on a very serious level and a copy read is a must if you Google concit Muslim constitution of Australia created by .Hizb ut-Tahrir

Does Government want egg on it’s face on an issue that will take 40% of the vote next election and give it to useless anti Islam party’s who gain the votes but have no power to enact what they promise? because as these enclave crime networks grow, then people ARE blaming state and federal government, and I assure you all this crime will escalate out of control and must be taken over by federal authorities because these new crime networks are in every state. Surely you have all read about the similar unrest in Sweden and other countries where it is now so bad police can not even enter these enclaves, this is when governments come undone, and Lakemba in NSW saw police advising visitors not to enter the area, but the election of Muslims to its Local, state, and federal seats, takes such suburbs fully into their control forever. “hence CONTROLLED residential enclaves”.

My local enclave, totally Muslim dominated, and its very nearby suburbs has become as police called it, a Muslim crime network, here is last weeks local events in this small area of space. Car bomb outside my flats, next day 5 trucks car bombed and many others over prior months, and daily drive-by shootings and deaths from it, often Muslim against Muslim, mainly for drug market supremacy, as drug sales are our countries biggest tax evasion and social harm problem but also the biggest wealth creation for crime bosses and terror cells. All involving Muslims and especially Muslims tied to the drug scene. A man stabbed to death in Glenroy a block away from me, another on TV Muslim doused Caltex servo in fuel raving Islamic stuff, then goes to a Laundromat near my residence with a knife and dramatic TV footage of police group capturing him, then a man shot in the knee in riggall st in drive by shooting, next a man shot dead and baby shot and injured an another local drive by shooting, and several other drive by shooting reported same week locally with police saying they are middle east drug syndicate related, then Muslims arrested for a robbery and killing someone in the stolen car they were driving, and, as I write this, another shooting of a man in these enclaves was shot and on the news, averaging a shooting per day, but also similar was reported in 2011 in these areas in regards to shootings and car bombing and are both related to crime network supremacy. The public are very angry, ministers and authorities never see this in their general processes, but citizens are angry seeing most Muslim criminals of these serious charges getting let off by the courts under lack of IQ, or claims prison will radicalise them, and mental illness etc. thus an insult but also allows them to continue their bad acts, and rapes have skyrocketed by this denomination.

Govt is mistaken if it thinks these matters wont affect the next election, and, the new anti Islam party’s like in overseas elections will gain a huge votes if govt is seen to let these people continue and remain protected.

We have mass security flaws in which they are utilising maximally, in fact one terrorist caught recently admitted he got hundreds of weapons through Aus Post customs, then today it was reported crates of pistols and shot guns were never even checked by Aus Post customs and just delivered to the listed delivery address, The WA POLICE security officer registration list of 12,000 had 11,000 of them were Muslim, all able to get a firearm and gun licence but also is the secret construction of the sharia police force. My local enclave which has daily shootings, police say they find a gun in one in every 10 cars, and, these suburbs had the biggest increase and number of firearm licences and gun purchase permits granted in the whole state, but its illegal to shoot anywhere in Vic almost. It also defies the gun buy-back many years ago, so why are police now gifting guns to almost anyone.

Police in this enclave region are now in serious danger, because whenever they pull up a car with a loaded gun, there will be no hesitation to shoot the police rather than get caught, and police wont expect it, but it is their own force issuing all these licences and weapons and most are legal not black market.

Govt needs to now start liaising with state police on Muslim crime networks, not State ministers and commissioners who hush it up under political correctness, as Muslims have now taken over the real underworld and almost every biker gang and almost every drug network, thus supremacy wars and killings have already started enmass. This can only grow fast as is the case, and no use hiding the Islamic element of it all. Muslims later plan a government coup, and are reaping our economy in the smartest ways possible to fund it, the tax evasions are huge so are the drug dollars, all tax free but also draining our economy. I was shocked to see Govt Departments trying to cover-up evidences I presented them on this, none will respond via fear of self incrimination of being seen to protect these crimes, but the economy dollars involved are too huge to protect such losses. People like me with more direct on the ground knowledge should be included in our national security task forces, and all types of forces should share their intelligence and ensure no Islamic are within these groups.

Why did the head of the senate estimates committee phone me angry in tone and threaten to sue me for merely pushing them to publish my Halal inquiry submission, why did they keep withholding our submission and refuse to get answers to very valid questions I asked them to have clarified within the inquiry, why did they not interview one single certifier, and I had certified and offered to be questioned but they wouldn’t and chose less relevant people to interview, and my party submission had over 200 co-signees plus Australian Halal Co . As it exposed factually huge tax evasion and tax and donation deduction scams costing our economy dearly and feeding their own separate Muslim economy which is already well established. They even raise their own zakat and other Muslim-only taxes for their new economy, the main accounts are off-shore. Too well organised to trace.

Islamics have thousands of registered charities to exploit our tax system, this is huge billions of dollars, and a licence to print taxpayer money, even done in the halal certification arena, even used by Islamic Aus Post CEO under much public dislike, where he earns too much at a time of record loss and donates $2 million to his family Islamic museum, but can use the Islamic loopholes of claiming it back as donation deduction as well as lowering his taxable income. However, most for example act in a long group of charity exempt orgs so one company donates $30,000 to the other and claims it back, and the other donates it to another then onto another and another and so on, so each time taxpayers give out $30,000 donation deduction to each but not one of them lost $30,000, and, in halal certification they can double dip the deductions, a claim as business expense then add a donation deduction for same sum, its a perfect loophole.

Aus Post CEO has to come under serious national security investigation, The majority public are calling for his removal and a few petitions totalling over 100,000 signatures have been ignored, but this CEO is fast about to bring Govt undone. Please consider the following very careful, and please do not blind yourself by his position and look at it as if he is a suspect and has the best tools for terrorism support. This man earns more than the PM and has more power than the PM as he introduces policies without them going through parliament, and his latest drone mail system in progress got 100% negatives from the public who know it will add to his big losses already for Aus POST. A man who somehow managed to get a huge performance bonus when created the biggest loss in history, and paid more than any overseas counterpart by far, should have set off alarm bells as it sure did with the public, then oddly donates $2 mill to his family Islamic Museum which is so tiny that it couldn’t use so much money, and he recoups as a donation deduction, thus like giving free money to family. He then brings religion into Aus Post when it has nothing to do with such Govt company, by using his religion to discriminate against all other religions by saying not only he will do this but told a business meeting of many big companies they should do the same and give urgent favour to employing released Islamic terrorists and radicals and criminal Islamics, thus way outside of his role to do this, and Aus post has many high security areas that can be a huge terror threat and organised crime assistance, and already under investigation for controversial delivery contracts to Muslims and Indians, most delivery jobs recently went to Muslim contractors. Aus post customer complaints went up a thousand-fold, many valuable items stolen in transit and many carded without delivery attempt, However, many firearms and weapons got past Aus post customs and other areas, and, I believe the CEO is silently working with certain elements of his staff to let through firearms and drugs in ways that would be very hard to evidence. Recent global and local security experts in the news stated these peoples access to people files and info is a huge security danger, well this CEO recently introduced two themes to gain extremely sensitive customer info and one scheme was to lure in every single centrelink customers info in new free stamps theme for these people if they sign up using info equal to what MY GOVT site requires…ALSO SIMILAR WITH NEW DIGITAL MAILBOX SYSTEM..these customer records can be given to any terrorist cell to locate or hack people. Oddly ATO has already had oddities occur whereby someone has equivalent to the govts info on people especially tax file numbers and dummy ATO claims, and might likely be getting drawn from the AUS POST systems.

So lets assume for a moment this CEO is corrupt and wants to assist terrorists and the new forming Muslim empire, and all radicals and criminals are employed as he proposed and has started doing, well, lets look at how that opens the best ever terror plot and drug and weapon delivery service, and the minister did not find this odd? That these radical and criminal Muslim-only employees, are mixed-in to operate this new drone mail delivery service, a service not even put before Govt and he has started the project already without consulting crime and aviation authorities and even has a commencement date next year, a total power unto himself, so, a mail centre with drone sector of only Muslim radicals, released terrorists and criminals, could then very easily send bombs and weapons without being detected, the most perfect terror setup ever. Just takes 8 DRONES WITH HIGH EXPLOSIVES TO DESTROY PARLIAMENT HOUSE WHEN ALL ARE IN IT..
It will be the big money earning drug courier service, drugs made in homes, as most drug labs as reported are no longer in big labs but are made in thousands of Muslims homes, funny enough they transport to neighbours the compounds by garbage wheelie bins, the first public sign of that was at a recent shooting, they shot a bloke then oddly took the wheelie bin with them that was next to the victim, likely shot the wrong person, but why take a wheelie bin when getting away…However, drones can collect drugs from these homes with zero risk and deliver with zero risk, as we have nothing to intercept drones, so the maker drones to distributor, then distributor sends drugs to individual customer/users by drone, again zero risk….But this also can be used to send weapons and bombs or even cash, and lets exclude terrorists for a moment and make a dangerous hypothetical possible reality “confidential” what if anyone for any reason disliked a person or politician and sent them mail by drone containing a timed bomb or remote setoff bomb, it arrives, secretary puts it on desk to open when free, then kaboom, the drone is gone and pickup location likely a vacant house address. This is too dangerous, and why was aviation not consulted? why such desperate rush and not agreed by parliament and security not looked into? it smells of a rat. So thousands of tiny drones in the sky, but are enough to down a chopper if it hits their blades and can not be easy seen by helicopters, thus police and ambulance choppers or any chopper can no longer safely travel airspace, but not even that was considered and a drone launch date is already set. This CEO needs to be removed by a vote of no confidence via loss performance, and this drone theme for certain will end up another huge loss and reflect bad on Govt, as it is best to remove that CEO even if precautionary and need not be done using security reasons so as to make it all look legit and it would be legit, as he is creating huge losses. But all the aforementioned elements are very powerful terrorist tools.

We need to sort out others in powerful Govt positions, look at the Muslim chairman of the HALAL inquiry, he totally breached his role and charter in a public TV segment making personal findings in public before the inquiry had closed, and my complaints of this to several authorities we left unanswered, but that inquiry by being manipulated, had led to them hiding the huge tax and donation scams that I listed, so, now we need an actual authority to look into these be it the ATO or better.

If authorities put together and added up the money involved in the thousands of Islamic tax and donation loopholes and tax free drug sales per year, the figures would shock them, and the drain on our economy leaves govt with big shortfalls, but all this goes mostly into the new Muslim Australian economy, and that economy funds far more than just mosques and Islamic-only schools, and is even used to buy people off. A read of the draft Islamic constitution of Australia not only clearly shows a coup is planned but actually evidences this Muslim-only economy and its tax system and its renaming our states as Islamic states, and the Muslim council will be like leader and exec govt and imams in mosques will be the new form of MP and electorate. The local enclaves of suburbs in a line from north to west, are almost so highly Muslim populated that it ensures they all get their people elected in local, state and federal elections, this is a backup to their plan of a coup, and many are already elected, and look at controversial AUBURN DEPUTY MAYOR, they cant or wont kick him out when every rule book says he should have been ages ago. Voters all over Australia are angry at that.

The new Muslim empire already well established, is Muslim banks, Muslim aged care, Muslim-only schools, one refused to pay the state money it defrauded, just because it can, mass sudden mosque constructions many in rural towns that have no Muslims yet, Muslim meat market control, halal certification on most shopping products all used as tax deductions and donation deductions, huge Muslim farm buy ups, one purchase was bigger than the whole A.C.T. , and, Muslim control of postal services, Muslim only taxation system zakat etc, Muslim business rackets in child care, training courses, hairdressers as visa conduits, every one in my suburb has at least 6 body builder looking hairdressers but not enough business to utilise them all, just merely a visa conduit, Muslim control of underworld, bikers gangs and drug markets all tax evasion to boost their own economy here, they now control most pizza shops another visa conduit, all muscled males and crap pizzas and very little sales. also they use these as tax scams to utilise all tax loopholes for businesses, also the motor trade dominance. and much more in this new empire, inclusive of elected reps at local, state and federal level. This GOVERNMENTS BORDER PROTECTION POLICY SAVED US FROM THE MOST DEADLY BOOST, The EU asylum invasion was planned and most are not Christians and deliberately dumped identities, no identity should mean no asylum. They now lie and say they are Christian and coached to do so. And Indonesia is the country they shall call upon their people when the time to take over is ripe.

A coup in Australia is too easy as parliament house is very laxed, they can enter in full cover dress code as regular tours of parliament, they wont get searched because of fear they will be accused of picking on Muslim religion, after all, they only need to grab the PM, then call in his police and security and army chiefs so as they cant instruct any action, then swear themselves in under a legal coup. Their constitution for Australia shows this as a certaintee. It was made for this very reason, WHY ELSE WOULD THEY CREATE SUCH CONSTITUTION. Our authorities need to start looking far beyond the usual basic signs, as right under their noses a system of many dangerous things that go hand in hand are fast developing. Oddly politicians and the media and control thereof, are usually the primary targets in such takeovers but are the very people being fooled to currently assist the islamisation takeovers.

This has happened over centuries but modern times gives them better opportunities and they are breeding like flies per the Koran instructions with us funding it all. This is not about race or religion it is about an invasion pending, and just so happens to be religion initiated.

China and Japan are very aware and wont have a bar of them so are safe, the EU asylum invasion will break all EU economies, civil rest will be rife soon and has started already, and Australia needs the China/Japan theme, as our border policy isn’t enough, as we have already allowed the empire to form already and it is very well planned, and heavy use of sect 116 of our constitution pertaining to religion is a fatal flaw unless we denounce them as a religion as we did in the high court win with Jehovah .

The enclave suburbs are about to erupt, just one instruction from mosque imams and it starts in progress as it is the most disciplined cult in the world, they shall all obey. It is a joke including them in recent themes and talks and this angers most people, we can no longer play the religion themes, we need people like myself, and all security and intelligence agencies, and the ATO and state and federal police and customs and border people and Immi minister to all meet and liaise with eachother and stop pretending these things are not a reality, as evidence and facts say they are, and stop saying that because certain detections CANT BE FOUND, and use that excuse to pretend they are not happening or don’t exist, as the best crime networks are undetectable naturally , that is why they are the biggest and best.

I can say for sure, that the Muslim drug market is reaping big $ billions from our economy each year, and that their tax scams are reaping big billions per year but quite open exploitation of legal loopholes, and that the zakat tax also is a big drain of our economy, dollars into their new economy, and their crime networks have entered a massive string of armed robberies on gaming venues and ATM’s, and many people have been shot and killed, and big shares are being bought to obtain utilities and so on. It makes the Mafia look outdated. But it all gets back to reading that most of this is in the Koran, but advantage taken of modern times to assist it all. They pay the smartest global minds big money to devise their plans, and they openly have said our political correctness and other themes play right into their hands, and they are right WE ARE IDIOTS. but Japan and China are not.

They now get most the state housing, they know all the queue jump loopholes, they have tax loophole meetings. they use the best internet hiding programs and encryption, the average Muslims are their pawns but pawns in such themes are just as dangerous and powerful, aka tools, and they all add their scam funds to the new Muslim-only economy. And if the content of this fax is ignored or neglected, it will be a future fingerprint that what is about to occur was already warned but ignored, and factually there is much evidence direct and indirect to evidence all I have written. The biggest laugh they have right now is about our authorities falling for their themes and actually assisting them, they say our authorities are stupid, The Preston mosque leader many years ago laughed and told his people that our govt even fund their population plan to breed as heavily as they can via gifting family payments and baby bonuses, another legal loophole.

It is very likely, that politicians may start getting assassinated by them, for one reason only, to create a by-election to enter their own candidates in the race. For until the coup, that mission of getting their people elected is one of their main objectives and it makes sense.

You can never trust them, just like you can never trust a nice reporter. you are all their pawns as long as you let yourselves be such. And oddly more of the public are aware of these problems in very large volume, I watched support for a new AUS anti Islam party grow huge overnight, I saw a UK party get such big anti Muslim vote that had they used our voting system they would have been governing the UK right now, I saw a huge crowd boo Merkel, SHE WILL NEVER BE ELECTED EVER AGAIN. Most EU leaders are about to lose their next elections, FACT. and ISLAM IS IN ITS SETUP STAGE HERE BUT NOT YET THE TAKEOVER STAGE.

THE DIVISIONS AND PROBLEMS CAUSED BY ISLAM OF LATE WITH OUR PEOPLE, is the biggest ever with polls saying 85% do not want us taking any in….So it sure will be a big vote slice and I interact with mainstream national public every day in big volumes so I know confidently what I say.
Anyone who says I am racist or anti religion is an illiterate fool, as this goes far further than those themes, it is a massive organised plan utilising a huge mass of brainwashed followers more dedicated than any other group anywhere. Time is of the essence as the foothold is already laid successfully, and we must stop appeasing them and stop any religion exemptions, as this is not a religion it is an organised system the best ever to exist. Each part forms a big jigsaw, the separate pieces hide the bigger picture.

Fixes to ISLAMIC problems need not be seen as singling out Muslims for being of Muslim faith, but are needed to contain such problems. And some areas show up legal loopholes used by many non Muslims even, such as exploitation of tax deductions and donation deductions.

Most using these loopholes drain our economy and help themselves, therefore we need to review these elements, and most donation agencies usually only give 5% to charity and allege the remainder was admin costs, so maybe the time is ripe to cut out the donation and charity system and in addition the ACNC can be disbandoned, as I have factual documented evidences the ACNC are assisting muslims to do as they do and went to extremes of being Pro Muslim in an application that had nothing to do with muslims etc. very bizzare evidences, strong enough to sue successfully without risk..

Business expense deductions are another area, and needs a more limited criteria or a new formula, and, should the general taxpayer be paying out all these huge deductions of business non-voting entity business expense deductions and donation deductions.
Lets scrap it and reduce the overall business tax rate itself instead, far more simplified and can’t be rorted and assists businesses directly and eases business red tape. But donation schemes should be halted full-stop, they do not vote so who cares if they complain, and especially religions in regards to charity, donation deductions, they can still raise cash from their followers good-will but not the taxpayer matching it by force in deduction claims.
This cuts off quite a few multi billion dollar Islamic scams and radical funding avenues, and also important is the hijacked Halal Inquiry, My submission needs to be considered even if a little late, as it is now online public on their site, as it needs to be implemented in its call for a ban on halal certification on local domestic produce but okay for import/exports, this cuts off another huge scam and will please most voters.

DE-POWER these people is our best solution. We also need to find a way to distribute them rather than enclave them in same state housing suburbs and need to allocate extra police to existing enclave suburbs.

The drug industry no matter who has its majority control, is the biggest ever tax evasion upon our economy, but now has fast become controlled by the Islamics and many drug wars and killings have started to occur, but the tax evasion figure if ever estimated would shock anyone, but to stop it would make any govt look like they created a top level economy, and most the unemployed buy drugs also, but imagine if all drug money didn’t go to drug lords who send it overseas to help radicals etc, and use the rest to expand business here, as its like a minus to our economy every day, but solve it then those huge sums would get spent in many businesses all over our economy and create employment if drugs were no longer so easy available, and would require only a fraction of the savings it creates to stop drugs and guns.

As I wrote this, the news stated Govt IS ABOUT TO HAVE A TERROR FUNDING SUMMIT, this is very good timing to what I have been writing herewith… Anyway, back to the drugs, we can create employment, but strict security requirement for staff and ensure every single parcel that hits any air or shipping customs is checked out and some companies can list for priority checking, this stops drug chemical supplies, weapons, and many other illegal or dangerous materials entering, and trace drugs up the ladder by using the low end to catch them, thus list all drugs that drug lords sell and make a big mandatory nationwide prison penalty for any such drugs caught within their possession, with 5 yrs mandatory sentence, or, if they lead police to the next supply source then they are given immunity for that incident, and then manufacturers and chemical suppliers a 10 yr mandatory sentence and dealers/sellers the same 10 yrs with immunity if they lead to the next step being caught, therefore, with all these in place, all avenues will fear to even stay in that industry and drugs dry up and then our economy reaps the rewards but also crime will reduce massively, hospital and all other services and mental illness and court time and prison time, family destruction, all reduced to create even more savings, and the Mr Bigs will be forced to shift markets to overseas.
The money saved will more than pay off all our debts but creates jobs and a better society, saved much family destruction and service costs and huge tax evasions saved, its all win win.

Separately, I think negative gearing should only be offered to Australian citizens or companies who can evidence at least a 70% aussie ownership or shareholding.

Islamics exploit our constitution especially sect 116, and has too many exemptions which anger voters, and, the cutting of charity and donation scams will help a lot, but we really should list the bad parts of the Koran in which do not fit the definition of a religion and denounce Islam as a religion in Australia as the EU will copy that. therefore no food or dress code security conflicts etc as all such things can be catered with without special exemptions as all other people are forced to comply with, it is fair and not unfair, for example, to enter a court or bank etc etc and be exempt for full covering but everyone else its a breach of law, then as long as anyone resides here they all must equally comply and respect our laws, not DICTATE them under some fanatical religion hearsay. Religion can not over-ride security or law.

Muslims have started taking over other crime networks and started a nationwide string of robberies on gambling venues, cigarette supplies and ATM machine stealing, and when caught, anyone Islamic background should go onto an Islamic crime register for future records,

These matters will de-power Islamic schemes and will see them better fit into the right ways of life here, and for futuristics, we really should limit family payment to 2 children with a warning period before it starts but not to affect any existing recipients, as they utilise this for population control, and it saves Govt big money without affecting existing recipients and will help us manage overpopulation in times where all our services, resources and jobs are stretched.

None of these say lets do anything to just Muslims only, but stops them and others from exploiting these areas. And better still, solves some huge problems and fixes up our economy, and most voters are going to vote for such if adopted. And let the media say anything it likes as the people have had enough of the media as their subscriptions are dying fast.


Brian Woods



  1. Dear Brian Wood I took the time to read everything you wrote. Mind you it exhausted me for it was in depth accurate in every topic you wrote. The politician are deliberately wearing blinkers for what purpose I don’t know. However I am impressed and pleased you spelt out every avenue of the complex fraudulent book keeping and auditing by the Islamics . that has been perused by very good accountancy and by the likes of you who see exactly what is going on and your have your fingure on pulse besides, you have the balls to make those submissions to be placed in the politicians hands and now you are forcing thisPoliticians to look at he real problem before it is to late. Great job mate.


  2. Peter Ranger

     /  November 4, 2015

    Brian. I read it, I read it all and it took a while as I had to read most of it twice to make sure I was educated well about what I was reading. It is awfully in depth . Thankyou. I’m so glad that someone is onto all these things , as these things are fears that myself and a lot of people I know are very worried about. Until now I wasn’t very assured that anybody took it seriously. I have been aware of your actions for awhile as we have had correspondence over some of these issues before. I hope this letter doesn’t fall on deaf ears as so many others have. Congratulations on keeping this fight up. You have my full support And like thousands I know,and thousands more that I don’t , we will all stand behind you. Thankyou again. And I wish our leader thought of his people and country like you do. God help us and God bless you Brian . Yours. Peter.


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