"There's No Change Without CHANGE"


The excuses that we are repeatedly hearing from senior Muslims about why we have home grown terrorist’s is astounding and inexcusable. Islamphobia for one is an insult to people’s intelligence, the word for starters is simply a tool to manipulate one’s logical thinking. A phobia is a fear out of control and or something irrational.

Well I am sorry but the structure of Islam is very much a threat to any non Islamic country, there is 1400 year’s of historical and present FACT to prove this, it is not something fictional.

Look at the video below! Muslims singling out us stating all this islamphobia and racism is our doing? We certainly did not go to Lakemba mosque Sydney Australia and teach this YOUNG CHILD this party trick? I do believe we have a game at children’s parties called pin the tail on the donkey though? But no…

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