LABOR and GREENS political party’s ENCOURAGING VIOLENT GANGS to physically attack people AUSTRALIAWIDE who oppose their Fabian/Communist/Socialist society.
The No Room For Racism organiser, *Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly* [late council as of recent] said Bendigo [last year] residents had had enough of racists targeting their city. [Now ex councillor, was part of socialist political groups, which many have been de-registered.]
The corruption UNVEILED with POLICE and MAINSTREAM media VICTORIA.
The papers have stated that UPF where there, this is simply NOT TRUE.
I am aware of ONE PERSON of UPF in attendance [CORRECTED no UPF] With the papers saying it was they did / would assume a massive hard line group were attending and it simply is not the case.
BELOW violent attack caught on tape.
EXTRACT FROM 7 NEWS I’ve taken press statements out of the article, to point out the obvious deliberate deception and how corruption…

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