GOVERNMENTS and COMPANIES poisoning us AND the planet.




WHAT ARE GOVERNMENT’S AND COMPANIES UP TO AROUND THE WORLD? They are murdering, poisoning, manipulating and destroying us!

SPRAYING WHAT EVER THEY PLEASE WHEN EVER THEY PLEASE, poisoning food, land, water and us!
Shouldn’t you take the time to actually find out and know for sure?
It’s bad enough our worldwide leaders are covering up their poisoning programs, but then you get the little United Nations puppets speaking out against people, they actually know jackshit themselves or are paid to belittle people. It is such a low act that some know the truth but they are void of morals, deliberately ridiculing people trying to make them feel inferior of knowledge. Where these outspoken people they should be actually thanking as they know the unimaginable truth of various governments corruption. They should be respected as they are standing up against the never-ending government lies, the massive deception being pumped into…

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