This is the most important document on ISIL & ISLAM to have ever been made

 This document is sent BCC to Australian leader and relevent ministers and security agencies, and EU leaders, ministers and defence and security chiefs

 Too many Government and Authority responses and understanding of Islam is not informed information, this document will allow all these people to not only be fully informed but be able to understand the issues they respond to, and it will open many eyes. It will leave no excuse for intelligence and security authorities here and elsewhere to continue to be seen to ask why and what should we do. It shall give them the knowledge’s to confidently know these answers from hereon.

I have been right more than anyone or any authority on Islamic matters to date and studied it for years and get global and local feeds/info which are not printed by the media who Govt rely too heavily upon to be informed on such issues, thus much misinformation, and, credit to the Immigration minister for the serious role played and Ex PM Abbott for his role, and current PM for holding that line to a large degree whilst making new assessments. However, to ignore this document by any recipient will lead to an ” I told you so” trail . Whereby this document is one which our Government should share with, and raise with other global Governments and intelligence agencies etcetera.


Authorities are asking WHY & WHAT NEXT, even global Authorities, They ask why and what, because they do not yet understand Islam itself or the Koran, and once they do, then they will be confident and know these answers and confident on how to stop it.


New Syrian arrivals: it will pay to ensure they are housed in a spread-out nature rather than start another enclave, as explained why further below as it is a main trigger.


I told the Immigration minister and the PM, that Muslims have setup a strategic CBD border of enclaves, enough to barrier the whole CBD and similar in Sydney as well as Melbourne, from Epping to Werribee all adjoining, and supplied  both with a copy of their Muslim constitution of Australia, a new Islamic Govt and also Sharia, and stated they created these enclaves so as they populate them by majority to get their own elected at local, state and federal level.

The area marked in yellow is their enclave line, the right end starts as bushland.


This week it started seeing public evidence, a day after the Paris attack, they announced a new Australian Muslim political party to run in both state and federal upper and lower house seats, but Govt is blind to the significance of this and the future danger and problems, in fact it is time to legislate that candidates must have first resided in Australia for 10 years not backdated, and fair enough too.


I live in the main enclave, and can assure you, these people do not assimilate unless for crime networks or self benefit, and, their crime rate is massive and they have taken over all crime, drug, biker and underworld organisations raking in mass tax evasion cash to build their empire. The problem with enclaves are many, look at the many no-go zones in the EU that police refuse to enter such enclaves or are attacked, it did not start immediately, it started just like ours, build up big enough then start as a power force. The signs already started here, such arrogance to locals blocking them in their homes deliberately using the Islamic in-your-face tactic, it is designed to drive out non Muslims so they can buy up the homes. 5 new homes constructed across from me, only Muslims are viewing them, constructed by Muslims also, and they will out bid any non Muslim as they must live in the enclaves to formulate the following Islamic plan, and also pretty clear in their constitution of Australia.

LAKEMBA STREET, MOSQUE DECIDES TO USE THE PUBLIC STREET. take note of locals locked in looking stunned.  Our police forces are not geared to control this many people at random.


Enclaves are in a border line, a line that can block off the whole CBD area in civil wars or rebellion, however, they have one sole purpose admitted by both ISIL and the new Islamic constitution of Australia, and, reaffirmed a day after Paris massacre by a French imam in a video further down which I supplied a link to the French intelligence agency. He too, told his French flock to all run for Govt to gain control in France.  And oddly the day after the Attack a new Australian Muslim party started up and was in the news launching.  I know what I speak, as I live in a Muslim enclave, I see what our Authorities don’t see.  Enclaves once majority populated by Muslims as planned smartly, will be guaranteed being elected at Local, State and Federal elections, then able to do as the French imam preached.  This is a form of takeover of Government, but it is just the starting point, then look at the controversial Auburn deputy mayor, breached so many things that he should have been removed but they cant remove him even after the minister asked him to resign but refuses to invoke his power to sack him.  Huge public backlash and big petitions but he still remains. Govt will have problems with these attitudes in state and federal politics. It is critical that everyone reads the new Muslim constitution of Australia which has the “above” listed.  It is far longer than our current constitution, and too professionally drafted to be a delusion, it is already in progress of implementation. The main aim is make Australia an Islamic state, Islamic law and Islamic tax system etc. once read you shall see GRAVE DANGER, it will let you see that a coup of our Government is planned for certain, and is the only way such constitution can be implemented. The drafters are already known by Authorities to be serious and dangerous people, Hizb ut-Tahrir, see too wikpedia link on this aim and the concit link of this new Australian constitution


This is a clear planned invasion of Australia, much evidence already visibly in progress, national security has an obligation to stop this, moreso as once read in full, it shows a coup of our government HAS TO OCCUR down the track, and our parliament security is too lax to stop a legal coup. The attack on the Canadian parliament was a strong warning that they can enter, kill, and calmly drive away.  We and other nations are being too complacent, this religion as a whole has a serious big agenda, it is not as if they have not indicated it often enough.  Why else did ISIL create the floorshow to create mass asylum to the EU?  This takeover stuff has existed over centuries but now they found weak links in our nanny times systems, they laugh at us.  In mosques, it is common knowledge they are preached that these rewards of a takeover are coming and to play their bit in its beginnings, taught the tax scams, business scams, the enclave observance etc. It is in clear words in the Koran.


Nobody is being racist or abusive to them, it is quite the contrary, and of late their drug and crime wars in Melb and NSW started a wave of shooting deaths, drive-by shootings and cars being firebombed, and, most Muslims have a shooters license and guns, as police pull over many per week carrying them in cars, in fact of recent including yesterday, they have shot at police in police cars in Victoria. We do not need this, but these drug organisations are huge fund raisers for their forming empire here, all tax free, as every illegal drug deal is tax evasion, huge evasion sums that have never dared to be estimated and likely more weekly revenue than government gets nett per week, if ever added up, is the biggest evasion of all types, many billions milked. And we are a bit late by recently seeing police say this Muslim crime and drug syndicate is out of control, also hard to detect as they make drug labs in many rich private houses, too many to detect unlike older big labs in one place.  But this is building more than just huge weekly funds, it is gaining big controls and recruitments, these are verified facts by police and by incidents. It is happening in EU also but the leaders do not want to face it but have to urgently do so.  Sadly, our agencies are like prudes, soft touches, looking at basic level not deep level, looking for the common not the hidden, not getting in touch at ground level, and state police are restricted by police command on Muslim matters so they fear to investigate Muslims then suddenly a Paris massacre and it offers $50 mill police terror funding, an admission there is a huge out of control problem but not a cure, just wasted funding, but fails to realise this involves all Muslims in an overall plan, the crime is just a funding stream. This is why this document is very important for our agencies to read and draw from as time is short, these things as we see are progressing very fast and big.  We have a Govt security summit, like what experts did that have?  why was most this not known or raised?  because they are not experienced in their intelligence collection, they are still saying why and what and how. . I suggest I have input in that summit but was a little late. So this is my input herewith.  As this information shows many fast changes need to be implemented


Syrian people, be them Christian or not, have the same attitudes as Muslims, but will act nice to get whatever they want, of course they will. As the Middle east has certain entrenched attitudes.


Is this what you call asylum ? throwing deadly rocks at police who sit and wear it?  this is Malta this week, it will sure open your eyes on what we saved ourselves from


ISIL is an illusion/smokescreen designed to fool the world into letting their people cross borders, a very smart plan which worked a treat, the EU was invaded under pretence of persecution/asylum, but checks show ISIL did as it said it would long ago, to get as many of its people into all countries, and had warned they will do this a year before it happened, this is why the many ill-informed experts ask what exactly is ISIL fighting to gain, as it does not want suburbs or towns because it is destroying them, thus all they do is kill Christians “per the words of the Koran” and had long ago created many fake passports in readiness. The main plan of ISIL was to start killing mass people knowing it will trigger asylum eligibility in a soft touch world, simple as that, and it worked perfect, the EU just let them enter UNSCREENED, and ISIL ensured most its Muslims grabbed that asylum opening and instructed to pretend they were Syrian, thus supporting why mass dumped Muslim identities and passports were found and mass faked Syrian passports were existing, so massive that they had to have been made over a long period of time “pre-planned”,  INTENT.  Another flaw missed by many, was upon arrival in EU many flocked churches converting to Christian, Not realising a Syrian is already a Christian so why would they convert if already one. I doubt we can even screen out these fakes in the new 10,000.


ISIL openly admitted its sole aim, by stating they are enacting the Koran, whereby the Koran has two main objectives, force people to convert to Islam or be killed or punished, and, to populate all countries with Muslims, and every Muslim follows the Koran to the letter and are awaiting the call to arms.

You worry about radicals and converts here well think again, they are getting plenty in Syria etc, they enter a town, ask if Muslim or not, they say no, they say ok convert or be beheaded etc, they refuse and people watch them get beheaded then fear so much by the sight that they convert, convert solid as that punishment is a long reminder plus seeing those who leave ISIL get hunted and killed. A big psychology. So, yes they are gaining many converts fast as long as we keep letting them into new towns. They have started this in some parts of the EU in small scale too.


Leaders say, how do we defeat ISIL, it is simplistic if the following is first understood and learned:

the solution to ISIL is many.  Firstly you must realise ISIL as they stated, are enacting the Koran that every Muslim abides by, thus face that every Muslim is a sleeper cell of that. Secondly, read the Koran and observe it would as it is, clash and divide within any non Muslim country as it has been. Realise the two main objectives of the Koran, 1) force everyone to convert to Islam or be punished or killed, as ISIL are doing. 2 ) Islamise the world by populating every country and convert the world to Islam by force. Once that is understood, then plans to defeat ISIL and the Koran can be devised, We are not at war with ISIL the smokescreen we are at war with the Koran and it’s followers, a book every single terrorist or convert abided by and had in-common and that every single Muslim abides by without exception.

Islam have tried this over centuries with mass deaths ensuing, but this time a bigger smarter force. Islamics belong in countries where it is majority practiced and should not be allowed elsewhere, and in their own zones their history is they kill eachother and there is no economy or infrastructure, just constant civil wars, It is a system of primate freedom depraved slaves following brainwashing smarter leaders. Soon the EU invasion will evidence my words when compared with how Australia has restricted their invasion which I listed as no2 “IN PROGRESS”

Government are to gauge the majority voter, 80 to 90% now poll they do not want Islamic people in Australia, thus only feasible to stop all new visas, many ministers agree with this and the minority can put their case and wear this decision.

Fact is, that we do not just see ISIL doing terror acts, we are seeing random Muslims doing them based upon the words of the Koran. We see massive Islamic crime and the takeover of our crime and drug networks, not a religion of peace, we see sharia is accepted but not our laws. WE HAVE BIG PROBLEMS AND DIVISION.  It is growing fast and bigger, not abating. There is too much bad not even tied to ISIL but tied to the Koran.

Any minister supporting Islam has to be supporting the Koran and its ways that are illegal here, as islamics will not give up the Koran.  The EU is just starting to face this.

We recently stopped visas to Sudanese for far less “too much crime” so why are we not applying it to the more troublesome Islamic issue.

Government are elected to gauge the majority voter, 80 to 90% now poll they do not want Islamic people in Australia, thus only feasible to stop all new visas, many ministers agree with this and the minority can put their case and wear this decision.

Fact is, that we do not just see ISIL doing terror acts, we are seeing random non ISIL Muslims doing them based upon the words of the Koran. We see massive Islamic crime and the takeover of our crime and drug networks, not a religion of peace, we see sharia is accepted but not our laws. WE HAVE BIG PROBLEMS AND DIVISION.  It is growing fast and bigger, not abating. There is too much bad not even tied to ISIL but tied to the Koran.

Any minister supporting Islam has to be supporting the Koran and its ways that are illegal here, as islamics will not give up the Koran.  The EU is just starting to face this.

We recently stopped visas to Sudanese for far less “too much crime” so why are we not applying it to the more troublesome Islamic issue


It does not require war, although a wipe out of ISIL will de-power many extremists, we need to contain them to where they came from, and assist Christians etc over there from persecution, and tools to deal with Islam enacting the Koran and we must divide the middle east to create a non Muslim safe zone and contain Muslims within their part. If they continue, we block trade and all forms of exports and imports. an embargo.  REMEMBER, THIS HAS KEPT OCCURRING FOR CENTURIES and needs a final stop not another incomplete victory, as they breed their way back and keep pushing the Koran as a religion that too many wrongly treat as a religion.


It is their choice to want to control the world, a pack of oil rich primitive people brainwashed by a man made religion book, an invented god, and their brainwashed flock. They have the option to stop or continue, but they give nobody any options, thus their own choosing and onus. as Islam problems need to be stopped forever, otherwise they will breed enough in the next 50 years to finally succeed and harm our young generation.  Ministers from both sides need to make a solid united call rather than play the leader or party name “fame game”. Both party’s will be respected on this.   The greens seem to support Islam and ISIL, so that is a bonus that will come at the ballot box stripping big votes from that useless party.

Do not fall for calls like Egypt saying they rightly cut out the bad sections of the Koran, it seems feasible but is not the answer although a sign of liberation, and if they are serious, they will back it being denounced as a religion but allowed to practice it as an unofficial book.



Many terrorists who committed terror acts were under intelligence surveillance already and indicates a huge problem and quite individually costly, therefore, we must legislate clear paths to deport such persons, and if a citizen who has nowhere to be deported to, due to being an Aussie Islam convert, then that oddly is an even bigger problem.


Look at Monis, I reported him days before the siege saying irrational acts and danger are imminent and supplied links as to why.  Therefore, the inquiry found my report should have been acted upon with more urgency, a hard call though, but they would have known all his other prior matters should have made my report even higher urgency. A separate problem is Police commanders in unison with State Govts have been dangerously covering up the bad Muslim issues, issues that are thus hidden from federal intelligence in regards to incidents and magnitudes, it is political correct stuff in which must stop and a few examples cited as this document progresses.


Our authorities and booklearned amateur experts tackle Islam issues on a tunnel vision spectrum, and use too much public and media speculative material, whereby the media hide most Islamic bad events.  I have not seen one intelligence agency or expert with my level of knowledge on these matters, the closest is AUSTRAC who has warned of much but fallen on govt deaf ears and the matters allowed to grow and fester, as all levels of Islam and terrorism relies on funding they create using the methods AUSTRAC have warned about. However, I do believe I convinced Abbott to create several secret inquiries into Muslim issues in Australia and have heard they were adopted, but we have nobody skilled enough to do a proper inquiry, therefore will end up with a load of mashed potato incidents of scams.


Illiterate experts say there are many moderate Muslims, the Koran does not allow any Muslim to be moderate, this must be learned fast. Islam is the Koran, every single Muslim follows the Koran or is no longer a Muslim, full stop!!!. ISIL are not after territory at home as they destroy towns not take them over, and clearly stated they are only doing one thing, ENACTING THE KORAN.  This tells all Muslim Koran followers to also do this when called upon to do so, likewise why they do not assimilate unless to achieve something for the benefit of Islam.


Another video I have is also a must-see for all global governments, titled what the govt hides from you, but actually its what has been hidden from govt via slack intelligence agencies. Agencies who tackle the days events as they come, rather than study Islam and its dark past history and the Koran passages.

The footages would worry any leftist even. And the media hide all these stories, but the EU recent influx is mass civil riots, rapes, and more, but no sign of being asylums, evidencing our Govt has been excellent at stopping these happening here on such scale.

Here is the asylum problems hidden from you by the media but spread by millions online a must see

see too how they drive people out of state housing so they can move in , this is not asylum its terrorising


Please note in the first “above” clip, the full-on evidence of their intention especially pertaining to womem, rape and breeding Islam. Note the many self admissions in interviews, we let many come here and stupidly called them moderate Muslims, they do not do these things in their homeland, they do it when invading starts. It can be still found online if googled, 1 in 10 Swedish and Norway women were raped in recent times by Muslim immigrants, not for the sake of rape but for the will of Islam. It becomes a cult trend. You cant stop it once word gets around to do it. Any minister who after knowing this, continues to support Islam, in my opinion is supporting rapes that likely might soon be their girls or partners and condoning all other bad activities and intentions, therefore as dumb as one can get.

Unlike our Authorities, I get more news feeds than them of the covered up stuff, but what disturbed me was many overseas EU reporters told they will be fired if they print stories of bad acts by Muslims/asylums, they were told not to report the many rapes, to hide the magnitude, why would media chiefs do this is quite a worry, ours do too and its a big issue to the public, many come to my page saying wow all this has been hidden from us and is scary and thanks for posting it up, as they said they had no idea it’s as bad as it is. More women than men fear Islam, as women are their biggest intended victims as seen overseas when not hidden by Govt, police and media playing political correct gods, and women are the majority fighting Islam in my groups, go post in the group of thousands and ask if they think government should stop Islamising Australia you will not get one no,  but will only get affirmatives. Look at Merkel, even trump said he respected her until her Islam insanity and he said exactly that, it is insane said Trump, she is insane said Trump, strong but big words .  Fact is, its all a big deadly reality and only the start as the worst is building. Our Authorities are blinded and will be if relying upon media feeds from a media that shuts out stories on the bad of Islam, freedom of the press scared by French journo killings maybe?  a bluff tactic that worked globally? DEFEATED, and selling out their countries by concealments. Authorities will learn more by monitoring my page and all its feeds from media and citizens of affected countries even ours too. This week in the Melb CBD a main city street, driving down I saw the other side of the street blocked off in main CBD street, as I neared there were 50 police and as many Muslims outside a club venue, police standing inactive with Muslims abusing anyone and everyone “like a (we are the power) theme” and the police just let them, so they felt its okay to heighten. This is our new nanny police theme in Victoria…We just let them rule and do as they like, but were enough police to just start arresting them all for affray and letting them feel there is law not lawlessness, it was pathetic, but had it been Aussies the police would have acted and that is a sad fact. Thus empowering this takeover. Ministers may think an asylum will be appreciative, thankful, relieved, and dying to make a good impression on a safer place and try assimilate, but watch that video carefully, none are showing any of that, and ministers call these moderate Muslims, they were random in the clip, and insulted the host nation, said they will take over by breeding per the Koran words, and forcefully breed with non Muslims which means rape and often 4 wives were mentioned, and mentions of women like meat. They tossed food away and complained saying they want money instead, its all about invasion and cashing up from us as will be mentioned in more detail later. People have to face the fact, Islam is anti everyone except Muslims, they do not hide it nor does the Koran, and their migration is not working anywhere. I am unbiased so as I can weight up facts of religion, incidents and history, and was easy to form final conclusions after affirming too many repeats and consistencies. All ours and other Authorities are saying what shall we do, maybe we should get the cause to help, what does ISIL want etc, well that means they are out of touch and unskilled and not informed, the answers are easy to find, why do I know the answers? because I studied it all in depth not by event reports or just localised. I know for sure of it all and even all I supplied by herewith is evidenced easily. Therefore, our Authorities have much fast learning to do as it is deadly awaiting each new event or tactic, as I can say confidently and factually that I know it all and do not need to ask the why’s like our authorities, and if they are slack then ministers can not be adequately briefed to form their responses.


A recent imam video in France at the time of  the mass executions is something all ours and other countries agencies MUST WATCH, and evidences what I have been telling Govt for ages, he tells his Muslims to push for sharia, and to run for all levels of politics to take control of the country etc, in fact, I sent that video to the French intelligence agency,  he also called the UN human rights commission Zionists, a commission who have stupidly backed Muslims, the two faces of Islam, good cop bad cop and they are two faced to our govt who are easily fooled in some ministries, and likewise, Obama can not be trusted nor listened to, as he will be out of office soon anyway, so best to go the flow of Trump who is destined in polls to be the new president soon. Of recent coalition countries have started ignoring Obama and uniting separately, UK, FRANCE, RUSSIA and more recent we look like adding to that group.


Australia alone can fight this partially, as we are doing so in a better way than others, but it requires all countries to do the same, and, they are about to drive EU citizens out of their own country, therefore they will want to claim asylum here enmass in the near future, but that also hands their country over to Islam AS ISLAM IS AIMING FOR. Just as fleeing Syrians are handing over to Islam by fleeing rather than assist our forces. We are taking in deserters not asylums, solely due to our forces being over there fighting to protect them, So why are we fighting or who are we fighting to protect if they are all leaving the country? ALL ASYLUM FROM THERE MUST STOP or it defies why all countries forces are over there. Imagine Australia under attack from Indonesia and all Australians fled to Europe and refused a call up to arms to defend their country, imagine if our allies came to help but they still deserted? YOU WOULDN’T ACCEPT THAT RIGHT? they will be classified as deserters, so why are we taking in Syrians whilst ours and coalition forces are in Syria to protect and train them ?  train who? fight for who? if we let them all desert, and evidences that they will desert us if war hits our soils. COMMON LOGICS.


We need to starve Islam of funds urgently, thus tax evasions, donation schemes, oil selling, etc etc, because its next planned phase is deadly on a global scale, its own AIRFORCE.  Under purchase and training instruction already, and, many Muslims joined our own forces just to learn how to fly those jets, and joined it to find out our forces intelligence info. But dumb Australia lets them join, even puts in an Islamic Imam in a top position, even allows Muslim officers to wear Muslim uniforms, an utter joke said the majority public comments.

This document will scare anyone, and should have already been addressed but hasn’t been addressing the links I supplied GOVT and our agencies on Muslims taking over our security industry, eg: WA police security license holders, 1000 non Muslims, 11,000 Muslims.   this rung alarm bells with thousands of people I linked to it, and they can not understand why it remains un-actioned in times of threat. have ministers been informed of this?

The words of the Koran show a Muslim is not to join our forces, but another passage says do so if to double cross for the gain of Islam. its very clear wording, again leaders etc need to study the Koran not the bloody local newspapers.


It is no coincidence, that a day after French mass killings, that the aforementioned French imam preached his people to enter all levels of politics to take over the country, and same day in Australian media a new Muslim party was reported as being setup, these instructions came from the same source, the conduit is mosques, controlled by Middle east leaders to all global Muslim council leaders who then pass it onto Mosque imams to pass onto the flocks. It also further evidenced what I forewarned on the new Australian Muslim constitution, a definite coup of our Govt but first get as many as possible elected, hence the reason of enclaves to ensure majority Muslim votes.  We are being too blind.     A must see link Are you intelligent? look carefully at what is said and compare it to much I say that I knew before hearing this,  a total ISIL / KORAN brainwashing and psychology preached, a theme of saying we hate them so as to strengthen their intent on us, making the flock think we alienate them and try control them when we don’t, but we MUST control them. then onto how it affirms the aforementioned video and much other evidence of taking over countries by population and birthing but also via politics. Same day in Aus a new Muslim only political party launched, and our intelligence agency does not have that conduit channel that instructed these to coincide, orders and plans from high up and timing with French mass execution terror attack.  the attack also let its flock see the power of Islam just had a big success. Are we stupid here and in the EU to not read the Koran and their peoples constant words and their new constitution all telling us they are after control of all countries, and are going to force conversion, breed our women by force, and how many of you know most rapes and its huge sudden increase is via Muslims? how many of you know police chiefs and ministers try hide these stats for appeasing reasons? One in my groups compiled many on a video, it blew me away how many in Australia, so many the video scrolled fast for 30 mins.  I wished I had saved it. and EU FIGURES ARE HUGE, AND,  AS AFOREMENTIONED 1 IN 10 SWEDISH WOMEN HAVE BEEN RAPED BY MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS. you ask why?  then grow a brain and join the greens party. I deal with reality and facts Not suppress the both. I really think all ministers and Authorities should monitor my big facebook group, and it also lets you see the real public voters views on these matters and how important it is to how they will vote.They are not radical, they are sincere and scared as they sadly know more than our Authorities and that is disgusting. I evidence this via all our Authorities saying what should we do, why are Muslims doing what they do etc. Well these people do know why etc.


Austrac is not a terror authority but knows more than our terror experts, its reports clearly evidence this, why? because they are in the fund extortion stage here, going unchecked though clearly alerted via AUSTRAC. and, I think AUSTRAC will agree with my concluding suggested solutions.


The courts are hindering our agencies in almost every case, here is a classic bizarre case of a woman with a huge cache of guns in her car, gets off on no evidence, like a cache of real guns was invisible in the judges eyes. The media reporter seemed to worry about the judges sanity Were terror agencies notified of this weapons cache? likely not.  However, Islamic groups transport weapons and drugs often using women in classy cars so as it is less conspicuous. There were likely some useful ties to this woman. State police must share such information.


Are ministers part guilty for rape defences in courts? Many have recently got away with claiming it is in their religion to rape, so how is that to discriminate upon the victim when rape is rape? no valid religion will condone or preach rape, accepting the Koran is to see ministers and our courts condoning rape in contradiction of our own laws and is the govt and courts telling aussie victims of rape that its not so bad because the attackers religion says its okay, so next time you are best being raped by a non Muslim if you want them convicted. This is gross disrespect to female victims of rape, and maybe Govt should lay down culture and religion rules upon entry to Australian borders and they sign they understand them especially citing rape. Cases like these have to stop, we can not have two separate laws in Australia,

Women groups and ministers and senators should be alarmed at governments and media covering up mass rapes of women via political correctness and appeasements, Norway / Sweden aprox 1 in 10 women raped by Islamic immigrants and I can show thousands of court case links of these rapes and how most got virtually let off by the courts accepting its ok under Muslim religion to rape.  I wish I had saved the Australian compiled link, 30 mins fast scrolling of many Muslims who raped our young women and kids and most got off too light and even won appeal rights on religion grounds that rape is acceptable when in fact it is not. Who’s law were the courts administering? ours or theirs, sharia? Judicial negligence, they are there to administer only our laws. Women cant speak up because the media suppresses rapes by Muslims, in fact never mentions the denomination. It would make this document too long to add the many rape links so I will add just one that highlights both the rapes and cover-ups.


It is clear establish fact, that over centuries Muslims have been trouble for the same reasons as today, it is fact they all strictly abide by the Koran, thus it is fact there can be no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

Over centuries they have tried taking over many countries to enact the Koran’s main objective of forcing conversion & taking over all countries.  As modern times progressed, so have their methods, with soft targets like political correctness and leftists and the awareness illiterate.  Also devised is visa population methods to get a good starting foothold, arrive and breed like flies and get govt funded to do it.  Get their people into government, live in enclaves so the numbers assure their people are elected. And, to setup a Muslim empire in readiness, and exploiting modern hand outs and flaws to fund it all, such as, tax deduction/donation scams, tax evasion, halal certification funds, zakat taxes, all pulled from non Muslim economies. Over 10 years ago the warnings were there when local mosque to my area was reported by infiltrating reporter as telling the flock that the Australian Govt is gullible enough to fund their plan to breed Islam into Australia and paying them fully to do it in family benefits per child and enough children and they get more than a full time worker so need not work. “Preston mosque it was”.

Why have people not wondered why so many mosques have been built so suddenly, hundreds in fact at in excess of a few million dollars each and where do such large sums come from, and why not such big mosque rush around the globe until now?

Why have a zakat tax when no legal tax raising powers to do so.

Why create many Muslim-only schools if they are now a citizen of a new country, to teach Muslim or English? Again where do construction funds come from, I know but do you know?

Then the non Muslim taxpayer funds these schools which they are forbidden to use as they only accept Muslim students, and, why have authorities not been alert why many of these schools are under funding fraud investigations and court cases ? the funds disappear to fund the overall Muslim empire setup.

One school defrauded govt of $8 million, and refused to pay it back, so why continue funding it. So it is now due in court, sheer divisiveness and arrogance. And for that matter, I see no need for Jewish-only schools unless they fully fund their own schools per year as they have to play their role in this de-segregation as it is a key part of stopping Islam.

Muslim companies have bought up huge land, one purchase was bigger than the whole A.C.T. State, thus buying mass property in a country they aim to take over, then invokes possession is nine tenths of the law and no records are designed to count how much land any race or religion buys.

Ask yourself, why are 11,000 of 12,000 security officers on WA police security license register site all Muslim? When such small portion of overall races and population, other than fitting what happened in Germany, sharia police on the streets as reported in actual real life footage by the media all dressed like security guards after all WA is Islam’s main Australian base as the WA Muslim council is like their Prime minister equivalent. They also attend most if Hiz-but speeches and applaud them.

Most gun licences and permits in NSW and VICTORIA were granted to Muslims living in the CBD and close surrounds, then add all their security officers armed, do not worry about current type armed terror attackers, worry instead when all these people are called upon to awaken from the sleeper cell,  and you can NOT assure this wont and cant happen, AS IT CAN AND WILL if we keep gifting them the growth.

WHY IS ISLAM AN ISSUE FOR ALL COUNTRIES TO TACKLE THE SAME WAY? Well, lets say they takeover Germany etc, breed big, force conversions, and force Germans to flee under asylum, it creates a new land base for Islam, new industry to create weapons, control of army and airforce and its assets, and will see Germans as asylums trying to escape to other nations who can not afford to take them in. It is also a new local close base to take over Europe easily, this is why they have different plans for Australia as we are too distant, the Australian plan in progress already, is to populate maximally whilst funded to do so by taxpayers, create enclave suburbs to be their majority populace and get only their people elected into local state and federal politics, and also happening in Europe too, build many mosque bases, have Muslim-only schools so as to hide western ways from kids. Then a planned coup of the Australian Govt under legal coup rules and introduce their draft Islamic constitution of Australia which calls us an Islamic state and Islamic government. These are the EXACT plans for Australia, and it may or may not involve killing politicians, it need not, but, they may initially wipe out select politicians so as they can run their own in their seat when vacant. The Australian plan is destined to become hasty as it is progressing faster than they imagined as govt and the medias have actually been gifting them this easy run. This easier pace will create a desire to keep up that fast pace success, and it sure has assisted the mass formation of mosques as one example.  We are letting them build army’s here right under our noses, mass mosques, and as mentioned earlier, WA police security officer register was 11.000 Muslims versus 1,000 non Muslims, and most mosques are within close proximity of air strips.  We are also complacent of the fact they are about to start an airforce, an easy way of getting to and at Australia, and what then? authorities go into fear and shock, when should have factored this in, the joke is, we have their people enlisted in our own forces and intelligence agencies and police, and getting paid to train how to fly fighter jets, even a Muslim religion rep recruited.

Ask yourself, why terror attacks on countries like France etc ? why? what was proved? what was gained, the intention?  Well if your still left asking, then you are a danger to Australia if in a position to protect us.  As I do know why they do these attacks, it is a common ploy used in many various situations, it is called “the in your face” psychology.  The instil random fear theme, the make it look bigger than we are theme, the showing of power to its Koran flock and slaves. It is also used as a smart threat, French reporters killed to make global media fear reporting the bad of Islam, Lindt for pulling out of certification, incidentally across the road from main cert leaders office, who has not been sighed on our soil since as was tied to monis just before the siege, admitted it then denied it then took off overseas same day. And Canada parliament attack was a fear to all govts how they can enter as so few, kill then escape easy, etc etc. It is all a psychology, they use oil wealth dollars to pay the best smartest western minds to devise their aims and tax scams etc etc, as their leaders are not bright, they are paying masterminds instead.  They have got their people employed in places that can gather much information from dept computers etc,  police, intelligence agencies, military forces, motor rego offices, Aus Post fully dominated, Banks, Utilities, Airlines, GOVT ministers, local govt mayors/councillors and so on. Example, I want all details on the PM,  Between those, and others, they will get all his details including address, family etc. Why? because they have access.

Ex Lib Peter Costello today wrote a very accurate article in the papers I invite you all to read, a man so often pushed to become our PM.


All global leaders need to be educated on the factuals of Islam without wearing leftism glasses, as many peoples lives are at risk including their own families and their young kids within families especially females. Leave one countries door open and it becomes a danger country to the others, a weak link in the chain. Do not be confused with converts, as they have not done attacks here and most were let off due to poor policing, too premature.  But every terrorist who made an actual terror act were Muslims and not converts, therefore foolish to get too involved with converts and get distracted from the real terrorists. And police must ensure they have enough evidence before arrests or it plays against them and must have powers to act and disregard stupid magistrates etc,  put it under the national security Act.

Most ACTUAL terrorists had links to key terror cell leaders like the Paris ones, but most others do it faith based, hence yelling alu akabar, an acknowledgement to the Koran which is the book of Allah. Alu akabar has nothing to do with ISIL it existed long before ISIL, It is Koran, every Muslim abides by the Koran, so you hear that word then death is likely.

Do not be fooled with the word radicalisation as there is none, what you call radicalism is actually an act of adherence to the Koran NOT A RADICALISATION, and as kids, they were strictly bought up on it, and when they hit adulthood, more is expected from them, they feel it will impress their friends and parents enacting the Koran or terror on non Muslims, a deadly book hardly a religion.  The boy who killed Parramatta policeman WAS NOT RADICALISED, he was driven by the Koran and the religion and family faith of it, and shouted alu akabar, remembering those two words are not ISIL words and are used in almost every terror attack, so how can this be radicalisation? some non Muslim or Muslim just said hey kid kill a cop and yell alu akabar? are you thick? hopefully not. Then we ask Muslim leaders to help stop radicalisation, in private they laugh their heads off at such ask, as they know the boy was following the Koran not on a radical trip, you all need to study how serious they take their religion and why, as it is forced on them as it has sharia punishments if anyone deviates.  Most shootings, Muslim shooting Muslim they refuse to cooperate with police, so you think they will take radicalisation serious in their responses?

An imam can preach not to do terror acts, but contradicts that when they recite the Koran, the imams are like their local members of parliament but more respected than we respect our local members, and when war starts, the imams are instructed to tell their flock the time has come to be called to arms, and supply them with what tasks to do, the awakening of the sleeper cell who authorities wrongly call moderate Muslims. Anyone who has read the Koran will know there can be no such thing as a moderate Muslim but is sleeper cells of followers enmass, and preached in mosques very strictly to keep abiding by the book and its words and aims.

A big dent to ISIL is to denounce Islam as a religion here and in Europe via legislating it, and classify it as a cult and there are more valid grounds than when the high court denounced Jehovah as a religion, as Muslims are heavily exploiting our constitution religion theme, sect 116 in most it’s shady acts, even down to the more minor full face burqa getting exemption over our own people who are barred for covering up in security situations, a religion exemption as with halal certification also.

This has to be denounced in all countries that are not Muslim as it will set back most they have planned, and forces them to be citizens not sects, and as a few countries have done, ban all mosques, and the denouncing of Islam as a religion grants justification, furthermore, it also tells the UN commission that it no longer has any religious jurisdiction on Islamic issues especially on race or religion matters as they will then be neither in validity.

‘Do these things slowly will meet reprisals, do them fast and hard and they will create instant defeat.

Are you a dreamer who says you hope Muslims behave and get on well here?  Well think again if you are, as they are allowed no freedoms, have strict religion and prayer obligations, strict obligations to force non Muslims to convert, forbidden to assimilate, to dislike all non Muslims and force conversion or punish them.

Why so much sudden divisiveness in Australia and Europe,? why are polls saying 80% now almost 90 since recent attack, of citizens do not want Muslim faith people in their country, why do governments and media ignore such important facts.

You can never stop or break a faith, but you can denounce a faith from being accepted as valid, thus isolates the fake faith and its powers over others and renders its people as non empowered non recognised entities as a religion or charity org, this has gone on for centuries because no country has denounced them but instead appeased them, and to fail to denounce them will just let it all continue until they do control all countries as planned, therefore this time requires a forever stopping of Islam by all countries denouncing it as a recognised religion, cutting it off from using religion exemptions, cutting out the retards on the UN councils, and will fast convert people away from Islam and the Koran once they see it has been stripped of recognition, power and validity, therefore if they can not handle that, they will return to the middle east and so be it.

We should not be still granting visas of any type to Islamic people, it is just dangerously self defeatist once all this is studied and realised, and explains why mass divisiveness is growing fast, explains why minor parties are getting winning vote counts in some countries merely over this issue, the peoples will..Part quote:

Poland’s election sends shock waves through EU

by Peter Westmore

News Weekly, November 21, 2015

In an election almost totally ignored in Australia, Poland’s Law and Justice Party has secured an absolute majority in the country’s parliament (Sejm), in a major blow to the European Union (EU).


Why come to Australia when its evidenced they do not accept our ways or religions, or our laws, is that not stupidity in screening? as it suggests they are happier and better off in their homeland, and the only reason to come to a country that does not fit their beliefs, is as the Koran states, it is to populate in readiness to grab control.   Only illiterate fools will classify Islam as a religion when its words defy what the word religion means,  The Koran advocates killing, lawless punishments, sharia law, and invoke and force non Muslims to convert to Islam when they don’t want to just as ISIL is demonstrating, and punish them or kill them if they don’t, and much more, thus impossible to be classified as a valid religion. De-classify it and many might leave the Muslim faith, but can they be trusted? When the Koran states to lie or pretend in order to achieve the aims of the Koran.

Citizenship and the aforementioned, the Koran says no allegiance can be given to any country unless it is an Islamic state.  So why grant such people visas and residency.

Our Authorities have huge flaws, I reported monis the Lindt café terrorists days before the act, stating this is imminent from information I had seen and evaluated and supplied, The inquiry said that should have been acted upon more urgent, but in contrast, a citizen wrote some legal disquiet about Muslims and had a visit from federal police over it, so where was the priority in this comparison?    I also reported ANZAC day terror plan, links of the actual threats and one was a main ISIL player, clear planned threats to melb and Sydney marches. AUTHORITIES TOOK IT AS URGENT THIS TIME but then a huge flaw was exposed, they had no idea what to do, and the event was due the next morning just hours away, and can you believe it, they asked can I track their IP for them, like are they not skilled to do even that easy task? we are in huge danger if an urgent threat can not be met with skilled police forces, so, I said I will see what I can do, so I tracked the IP, it was an overseas one and supplied him with the sites administrators phone number as that will be the fastest detection conduit, these were phone calls at 2.30am only hours before the event was due.  I also see policing get fooled and distracted by the radicalisation theme etc, this is a waste of time and distracts time away from the real bad apples. Furthermore, recruiters are not silly enough to give converts the contacts of main players.

Why is it not known up high or acknowledged, that in just 5 years, Muslims have taken over all our main crime and drug networks? This is a fact, and at times police have stated this in public, and our jails are full of Muslims and would be ten times more full of Muslims if courts were not letting them get off on most charges by appeasing them, but misguided politicians tell the public it’s a religion of peace, when in fact their crime rate is huge, and their  generational history is non stop wars and massacres, I cannot find any peace in my studies of Islam or its main countries. just a trail of wars and destructions, so bad that none have an economy beyond oil and no infrastructure, just primitive regions.  Their smartest ploy ever, as drug sales funds are massive, so massive they cant even be estimated, and total cash in hand tax evasion, all going into Muslim-only spending, just another stepping stone of a takeover such powerful fund seeding, its hard cold street cash, and most dole monies seem to spend on drugs also but is huge sums that are not being injected into economy and job creation if spent on anything but drugs.  If I were to report something I see local of a Muslim drug distribution setup, the cops would likely not even bother monitoring it, but we need to start catching them all and stopping this dollar flow.  Here is how they do it as witnessed by myself.   MODERN FAMILY HOMES, start setting up drug labs in enclaves and their middle class enclaves, yes the rich have their own suburb enclaves, drug-rich.  they often do part in one home, part in the other, using wheelie bins as neighbour carriers of chemicals and finished products, even as pick-up vessels, they then go to distributors usually state housing ones who hold them for pickup by couriers, couriers arrive very noticed by flash cars that look out of place for the area, so, you see a BMW, AUDI, etc etc ROCKING UP CONSTANTLY THEN LEAVING FAST FROM THEIR RESIDENCE, they then distribute them to users and sub dealers, always class car and well dressed.  The distributors also hold and pass on guns and weapons.  Ones car is firebombed by a rival, police just think oh its a regular firebombing, but same time say there are many drug king pins cars being firebombed.  The firebombing is like a clue the car owner is a big drug player under attack from competitors, and Islamic drug organisations are competing, as self wealth is also involved as well as the donation portion to ISLAM.

A young boy kills police at a police station in Parramatta NSW,   the foolish all asked why.   They asked why, because they never studied Islam or the Koran,  they ask why is ISIL doing what they do, stupidly ask it after ISIL had already gone public saying why.  It said it is enacting the Koran, this is why they destroy towns not take ownership of them. The boy killed the cop because the Koran incites Muslims and can meet this danger if such kid misunderstands the Koran via what ISIL are doing, but ISIL were allowed on our public TV to say they call all Aussie Muslims to arms to kill cops and infidels, so the media is more to blame for airing ISIL saying that, so too the print media printed it.  The media is glorifying ISIL and Muslims, especially the ABC TV and it is 98% likely that was what started this kids mind off.

We have a Muslim Ceo of Aus post, who drifts far beyond his role in which he should have been removed from ages ago, and huge public petitions to have him removed, he ran the biggest loss ever and got a huge bonus for it, earns more than any global postal CEO, and used Muslim donation scam by donating $2 million of his $5 million income to his own family charity Muslim art gallery, thus gets it back as donation and income deduction, but then meets with big business leaders and tells them they should discriminate in hiring staff by favouring criminal Muslims and those released from prison for terrorism acts, why would he do this? Why was he allowed to do this,  A govt employee inciting breaches of discrimination Act and workplace laws and encouraging companies to favour a religion and to favour criminals and terrorists, that is national security incitement breach. and this man has access to material terrorist want, but also access to let in drugs and weapons hiring the trusted Islam clan in the right positions in customs, and most delivery drivers suddenly became Muslim drivers. And he is so unexpected because our people are too complacent. And without consultation started a drone delivery service in progress with a planned starting date, an ability to ship cash, drugs and arms  for their drug bosses, totally undetectable as drones cant be intercepted, hence wanting terrorists as Aus Post staff in customs and delivery, and Govt just lets all this occur? . He is an exec for the other side, that is more than clear.  The public are aware and govt is ignoring their petitions, and his performance and mass losses should on its own have seen him decommissioned.

ISIL laughs at how they control our military and police chiefs, allowing Muslims with no sworn allegiance and allowing them religion uniform dress code exemptions, , they laugh saying sharia is being applied by non Muslim service leaders and tell their people, see how we control govt services, and then the recent removal of a word on army tradition gear to appease Muslims, like WTF says the voters.  The more their flock see these controls being enforced, the more stronger they see their faiths chances of success and power. What IDIOT in govt confirmed to appease these people on this issue? that person should be investigated for links to Islam even if precautionary. HERE is a petition result against this, was 9,000 signatures in the first few hours so who are Govt working for, us or Islam in breach of sect 116 interfering on behalf of religion favouring one over the others. This must stop, it is empowering Muslims.

Again today a nameless security Authority leaking fantasy lies to the media, who is he? he is not named but we should be investigating who this security person is, as fake stories in media does fool many readers, and this one states he and govt believe most extremists here are Muslim drunks and womanisers, such utter rubbish,  most we monitor are not even extremists, just pissed off average aussies venting rightful moods, so, lets look at the only terror here, Lindt/monis and Parramatta school kid police shooter, neither were drunks or womanisers and both were strict Islam religion, so who was this authority security person and why is it not being investigated who he is, moreso as it is a fake story content, is its source an ISIL person in disguise, we must not be complacent.

Turkey is a big danger to us all.  Turkey has a jaded history of double agent, it has often assisted ISIL including of transporting arms for and to them, even electricity, and preventing asylums under ISIL attack from entering turkey and much more, inclusive of shooting down an allied Russian jet then lying about territorial issues.
Firstly, what did Turkey have to hide at it’s border, it knew the Russian role and knew Russia posed no threat, and knew its all under the international spotlight, regardless if in or out of it’s territory, what Turkey did was an act of war, and showed it will do the same to Australian jets. What is more disturbing is they lied, the jet crashed in non Turkey TERRITORY and turkey has friendly ties with militants that captured and shot at the ejecting pilots, evidence such close ties are ties with our enemies. Russia knew beforehand that Turkey had something to hide near its borders, it has also been evidenced ISIL operates within parts of the Turkey border region as a safe haven and to restock and buy supplies, but intelligence sources oddly ignore this. The coalition forces must be spoken to by  Australia in regards to ousting Turkey, a simple no thanks to any further assistance, as Turkey is feeding information to the enemy, Turkey is aligned with the enemy and two faced. We must do this even if as a safeguard, it is not trustable and is unstable. the coalition are putting their forces at risk by letting Turkey in on what is happening.

The coalition needs to take this new type war far more seriously, as time goes by, it is seen that ISIL is a mere smokescreen for acts of terror globally and a scheme of getting its people into our countries using asylum grounds that ISIL deliberately created, and ISIL has the smartest plan because it knows most leaders are too dumb to ban visa’s and asylums to people who are Muslim, as this is their biggest aim, populate all countries as fast and with as many as they can so as they can breed Islam within them, and is clearly written in the Koran.  Disgustingly, most people in charge of making decisions on ISIL, have never read the Koran, and, the bad passages of the Koran should be recorded and read by every single person involved with taking on ISIL and asylum matters, as those passages clearly explain all that has occurred and why it has occurred, and on TV live, ISIL stated it is only doing one thing, it is enacting the Koran.

It is gross negligence to see people who are in charge of these matters asking why is ISIL doing this and that.  and I can assure that even general Muslims are laughing at such.

Once the coalition finally realise that this is all about enacting the Koran that every single Muslim abides by, and the  elements in it being enacted, then finally some headway can be made rather than play into their hands and their smart smokescreens.
Cut its funding avenues and its earning avenues, block any gear entering it’s borders, do not let USA continue to accidentally or whatever, drop weapons and supplies to ISIL,  their forces can return to base for such or they be driven to them, the latter not advised.  ARRANGE WITH MEDIA TO REPORT EVERY TERROR ATTACK BUT FORBID THEM NAMING ISIL.  as they thrive off such publicity to get recruits and self fame, as the sleeper cell Muslims wrongly called moderates, think each time ISIL is reported as a victor that it has proven its strong enough to continue to follow.

Stop all Muslim asylum and migration will totally stop the main plan of ISIL, totally.
Denounce ISLAM as a religion in all countries, This shall totally obsolete ISIL and the Koran, it will be what should have occurred centuries ago to stop this reoccurrence, de-power Islam to a non entity, and treat them as people only and not a religion.  In psychology, if you de-power such large cult and not give it recognition as a religion, it’s followers fade out into irrelevance if they are in non-Muslim countries but also similar in Muslim countries, they start becoming people rather than religion sheep.  Beat them with simple intelligence not costly war.  Make a safe zone for Christians in the war zones, the UN commission funds will be better spent there, so too all coalition pooled asylum and defence force monies, if all pooled together can construct and guard that zone far cheaper than war and it stops costly asylum invasions, and, once created the place can almost self fund, they can create their own army, state, and economy and we save money.

Coalition and other countries are wrong to classify even Syrians as asylums, because the moment coalition forces arrived to protect and defend them, then they are instead deserters.  Why mostly men? they deem it very safe to leave their women and kids behind.  We must all send them back as deserters and the Syrian govt needs them back and must be able to treat them as deserters and offer them an avenue of amends.  The problem is, most asylums are Muslims who persecute and pretending they were Syrian, and mass evidence of the large volume of dumped Muslim identities and fake Syrian passports, and many converting to Christian when in fact a Christian wont convert,as they are already Christian. ISIL has fooled the world with such simplistic psychology, it must stop.

Why are Governments so hell-bent on taking in Muslims when in a very short time they have been nothing but trouble and a drain and the public majority do not want them, so what is it in governments that has such love desire of Muslims and Muslim migration, why Muslim and not other type applicants.  And why asylums also, when they are actually deserters of their country and our forces, a selfish act. but leaving behind their women and kids is a bigger tell tale sign.

All that I am writing will be implemented in the end, so why not save a heap of cost and death etc and get together and do it right now, inclusive of closing mosques after denouncing Islam as a valid religion.  As aforementioned, cut off the religion validity, migration to stop Koran population plan, mosques closed to stop its propagation and segregation, no mention of ISIL by media, cut off all funding scams and fund raising by Muslims, do not let anything enter ISIL territory, cut off all their vehicle fuel supplies and other essential needs, block their mobile signals and knock out all mobile towers. And all this to  a Muslim in Australia for example, will draw them away from ISLAM and into a more human life and stops them wanting to support ISIL and the Koran, and all grand Koran plans will be seen as not possible, nor another rise up in the future, a permanent cut out of ISLAM by it no longer being recognised.  Depower and de-fame them and the religion, stop empowering and faming it.

Do not use their local leaders to assist, as it is they who need these lessons. they are nothings, we should treat existing Muslims as mere people not a religion.

These measures will greatly reduce terrorism globally and in very short time makes it almost extinct.   The methods we use of late are feeding their aims, the EU invasion is now a huge success and massive danger, they for certain need to implement every element I have recommended, or this enemy within, will create mass problems. I have recommended solutions to every problem, as the words of the Koran and its enactments belong in a single region and must not be allowed out of that region…history is they will just continue to war and kill eachother. so be it.

As I see it, Turkey and Pakistan are actually the two biggest danger countries, arrogant and two faces, Pakistan over the years has made more terrorist attacks than any other country.
I did an unbiased research on USA president, his origin is in conflict, the birth and staff evidences indicate the Indonesian background is the true one, therefore he is a Muslim it seems, and has often put Muslims ahead of the people of America, even has many staff especially in defence area who are tied to that Indonesian family on birth documents cited. then the training of ISIL and many drops of supplies and weapons to ISIL, makes this man a risky choice to lead our coalition forces, however, ministers and leaders tend to suck up to any USA president for whatever dumb reason, but, I can assure anyone, that the likelihood of TRUMP being president next year is 98% assured, therefore Obama can now afford to be given no relevance, moreso as Trump is a total about-face on the obama stances, so we will look stupid later on if we are tied to an obama theme.  we must run with the far more wise trump theme and his theme has massive public support and is why he is in the lead.

The Australian majority public want all that I have recommended, and big votes are open for anti Islam party’s unless govt acts now to make them irrelevant, reap the votes yourself by listening to the majority, furthermore, after recent terror attacks of mass scale, this anti Islam stance just grew big enough to even remove a govt from office if the right person put up a new party, but luckily all anti Islam parties thus far are lame and be lucky to jag just a couple of seats by default.
It is time governments globally started listening to their majority populace again, its a winner every time, a re-election failsafe.

What happens when we denounce and ignore Islam the religion and its people ? ISIL will try a few more attacks that it would have done anyway, but get no recognition of them so will just piddle-out, and be seen by all Muslims as insignificant if unheard of…people will be less likely to be fooled to join something that no longer is heard of,its all psychology, a reverse psychology of their own psychology…ISIL are not the problem though, we are at war with the Koran and its followers just as history dating back centuries clearly evidences, and every Muslim is a follower not just ISIL, and remember the fact that ISIL say its sole objective is to enact the Koran, but that went over the heads of our blinded experts who have not even studied the Koran and the attempts made over centuries of this same theme.

We can risk keeping existing Muslim populace in our countries as my theme de-powers them and will lead them to start assimilating, however very strict deportation for any bad offences or suspicions of terror should remain in place, as they only maintain the theme in others eyes, and puts pressure on those wanting to fit in and move away from the Koran ideals.   So, in essence, my recommendations should benefit existing Muslims and let them choose freedom, but stops any new Muslim arrivals of any visa class, they can instead fly over and visit those they chose to leave.  Islam is all about populating and controlling every person and country, this method puts a stop to that in no unclear terms.

All these recommendations need to be done in tandem and none skipped if it is to fully succeed and solves this century old problem forever.
people come ahead of religion, we are born with no religion until old enough to find out they exist, often parents chose it for kids who then became believers.
Most religions are fake as there are so many gods but only can be one, and I know the true one and it fits not one bible in existence, it has given me the knowledge’s on all these matters but also about his true ideals, which is not a religion at all in fact.  Whilst it may sound crazy but no more crazy than for me to hear people vouch for gods that do not exist, the lessons he taught me in apostle-like style as an atheist mind you until then, was that there is no public bible, but rather each of us were born with a bible in our brain, a brain with common sense to improve, to have values, morals and know what it right from wrong in the basic degrees. The rise of Islam was the rise of this person and one way or another, Islam shall be dealt with. I have been given the tools and dare say others also, and this is why my solutions make sense and have been backed up by learning’s and facts and an unbiased mind. I do not expect anyone to believe this, but my learning’s show their beliefs are in non existent gods.  The world existed infinity, problem is man invented time and think everything has a time and date to it, but why the world is amazing is it is the only infinity element in existence.
Islam and the Koran must be paled into insignificance. Every alu akabar attests to that. we need to give that a polish up to adios akabar.

this Video is an EU politician speaking facts and getting huge public applause, he would have got huge boo’s had he said anything contrary, and this translates into votes, and the more terror seen in future, the more votes.

Australian Government and other Governments being defrauded to fund the growth of Islam:

Please first take a look at this common link of a donation scam

How they do this, as taught to them on how to legally exploit our systems, is they open a shop-front entity or business, apply for a grant usually, for example, like in my suburb, open up a tiny shop as Muslim childcare and enrol only the shop operators kids, and the place is so tiny it cant hold enough kids to even be a child minding centre, and can in Australia run as a loss, they also register as a charity and ACNC let them have that status when they do not meet required criteria. To the ATO it looks like a legit business with strange losses, but with many business deductions and claims, and same with disability assistance places, business learning places, English assistance places, drug assistance places and so on.  The example supplied is operating to fund a new mosque, that is very clear by its other page links.

Mass charity scams:

I believe ex PM Abbott instigated a secret inquiry into this matter when I raised it, and the corrupted halal inquiry deliberately evaded these matters, whereby, charities and donation scams are designed to rip off mass dollars in legal loophole tax deductions and tax minimalisation scams, not only is it happening on mass scale and used to assist ISIL and its causes, but the real problem is these legal loopholes are open to be exploited and the taxpayer ripped off.   Here is how one of the biggest scams is actioned.  I shall use halal certification as a sample and beginning point.  and a sum of a monthly $30,000 donation,

Muslim company buys halal certification for $30,000 knowing they claim it as a tax deduction business expense thus no loss and minimalises its gross income, the certifier is charity/donation status, usually not fitting ACNC criteria but ACNC are allowing it but are under Islamic control which I behold clear evidence of this. the company then double dips as the $30,000 went to a charity/donation certifier thus they also claim a $30,000 donation as well as the business deduction.   the certifier, then donates this money on to another Muslim charity and claims it of taxpayer as a donation deduction without losing a cent but gaining a lot, and that charity then passes it onto another who passes it onto another and another etc all making the same $30,000 donation deduction claims and income minimalisation, each time the tax payer forks out but not one person utilise the $30,000 as a loss in any way. A perfect scam, and the aforementioned shop fronts are often boosted by these pass on’s of donation funds, then next months they repeat it all again.

Most these charities are earning an income rather than be a charity, look at the sample one, raising huge dollars for mosques, a real estate asset, no assurance it wont be defrauded and not used for a mosque, it shows its buying a house not the said-mosque, and how do you think they raise millions so fast to have built over 200 mosques? it is via these means, and this returns me to the Aus post CEO again who donated $2 million of his excessive sized income to his family Muslim museum charity using this scheme and it is tied to the Muslim council.

Please use these examples as a reference as these are worth $100 billion per year not to mention donation deduction costs :

and one example of our own people to be fair and show it is also a broad issue,

It is a known fact most charities are ripping off funds using admin as the excuse, it is published each year and ignored, but the extremists loved these loopholes and found the best ways to maximise them, however, famous cricket star Shane Warne seems to show there is no limit on who uses charities in undesirous ways, worse still his denials evidenced as non truths, thus he only gave out 16 cents per dollar to the charity but gets more accurate here as quoted in the article (quote) The foundation has recently told the media it donated 30¢ of every dollar raised in 2014. But the 2014 records show just 11¢ of every dollar raised were actually earmarked for charities that care for sick and needy children that year. (end quote) , and, donors would not have donated had they known this, also reported was this” (The vast majority of its funds were instead spent staging glitzy celebrity events such as cricket matchespoker tournaments, and gala dinners. It also spent $210,000 employing Shane Warne’s brother in an executive position at the foundation.
end quote..but is a common theme used by almost every charity and taxpayers fund their donation deductions.  However, our intelligence agencies have noted the timing of the Islamic empire charity applicant rush has coincided with mass charity / donation entities discrepancies in figures. Also questioned was the ACNC letting Islamic charities refuse to supply their records and statements, however as mentioned in this document, I saw factual evidence that the ACNC may be controlled by an Islamic influence, quite a brazen one at that.  However, to stop our charity donation systems would invalidate the need for the ACNC to exist and save taxpayers even more money having one less department to fund. I think AUSTRAC might agree with my charity / donation policy idea under national security relevance, and 54,000 registered charities seems excessive as most I checked, actually fail the ACNC application qualifications, so how was this allowed to occur? . The days of Govt granting tax deductibility on raised donations should be over, it is too costly and rorted. It can be done without costly admin by volunteers doing it direct for the actual charity. Charity entities DON’T VOTE.

These monies can not easy be traced as the loopholes are legit, the source of the problem is the ACNC granting charity/donation status and letting them off when they refuse to supply their account statements as reported in public. The other issue is in our deduction rules, but these funds are distributed, part for self, big slice to Muslim council, and a big slice to the Islamic war assistance including ISIL.  DONATING OFF-SHORE seems to elude investigators. As ISIL has many legit listed charities over there, where people here donate to with perks from us, then the charity there hands it to ISIL accountants. We are assisting to fund our own enemy, they are laughing at us.  Authorities suspect this but stupidly say because the trail is so hard to navigate it has to let it slide, the fact is, the mere possibility should be stopped as a precaution, as this is a rip off of $ billions in toto.Its a $100 Billion market our charity market.Cut it out and hello surplus goodbye scammers.

It is time Govt stopped all donation deductions and let charities fend for themselves, as in most cases, charities utilise 90% as admin costs and less than 10% goes to the actual charity, modern buildings flash cars and expenses and flash homes, thus a total scam in itself these indirect charities/donations, thus make the charity itself raise cash funds with no deduction allowance, it need not affect political donations as they can be legislated as exempt. This is happening in other countries who all need to do the same, and it will cut off the Islamic push to a massive degree and their funding, but gain our economy by these monies no longer being defrauded.

Do not ever think that just because a trail can not be found that the events are not occurring “as that is professional crime” , assume they likely are because a loophole shows it can be exploited.  Safeguard the taxpayers money so to speak.  This is why I urge you all and Government as a whole, to put the content of this document to the leaders of other countries, especially EU countries, as these efforts need to be a joint effort, if only we stop it, it still will occur in other countries.

I tested the ACNC by registering my legitimate religion and as leader and principal of it, and fitted all criteria, criteria most Islamic charities they had registered who failed its registration criteria but were still registered, so, here is why I say ACNC is under Islamic control within, therefore read the odd reason why our charity registration was refused, and thus forcing us to have any donations seen as income thus not viable.   Here is what occurred, I noted they had snooped on my websites in ways looking for dirt, I founded a political party with good size membership called Secure Australia Party, take note, such party is not tied to nor relevant to the religion charity registration application.  I have this in writing, the ACNC rejection reason was that I am racist because of our policies on Islam on the party website. Not only can I sue for wrongly being called racist, nor can it evidence I created the policies , but they have no judicial power to judge if the policies are racist or not and definitely are not racist, as Islam is not a race, and it is not relevant to a religion charity application….I complained but got no apology or reply.  I was defamed, discriminated against, and then shut out.   Not long after the ACNC has come under fire from several areas, especially pertaining to letting Muslim charities refuse to supply them their financial accounts, however, the inquiry instigated by the former leader is likely looking into that.

Here is a situation last night in Melbourne at a Jewish mosque but slipped by our terror Authorities as a normal police issue but was more than a mere police issue, in fact similar theme to Monis, what this was, is a plan to incite other Muslims to do the same, it also factually evidences my aforementioned warnings that the Koran says ALL Muslims are to do this forced convert to Islam theme, and also two faced pretending to be aboriginal whereby any true aboriginal will not scream out ALLAH nor does he look aboriginal, and these people are at war with Israel. We know that when granting Visas.  The footage of this WILL promote others, especially with it being treated as a non terror inciting event by slipping past that net when in fact fully terror inspired, a forceful attempt to convert people to Islam. This man could be another monis but slipped past authorities and only charged with affray. Will he resurface dangerously ?

The voters are shocked that Govt is asking Muslims to solve these issues, akin to asking school kids how the school should be ran. If anyone read the Koran they will see it is dangerous to ask Muslims to help, it is our job to instead enforce and create the barriers, this is Australia not Islam.

The EU must return asylums by classifying them as deserters the ones arrived since our forces started defending the region over there.

An Australian Muslim only school, oddly wins court appeal to force being Govt funded, how was this allowed?

Morerso in light of this: 8.5 MILLION DEFRAUDED BY A MUSLIM-ONLY SCHOOL refused to be returned to Govt  they control us and Governments already.

Why are we allowing child bride visa’s ? this is outlandish, and just more control by sharia Islam of Australia, is this what you agreed to? pregnant children? it breaches the international rights of the child treaty in clear terms.


Muslim issues forced police to now work in pairs  more control.

Hizb-ut-tahrir wants to start their own army in Australia and replace the Australian Govt but still allowed to speak in Australia ability to recruit a takeover.

Hopefully authorities are aware that most ISIL people add this to their names “al-aussi”

Here are a few versus of the Koran every minister and authority should read in light of invalidating Islam/Koran as a religion in Australia and EU needs to do the same urgently, as Government looks stupid allowing a religion status to a book that tells it’s followers to kill or harm etc. and these passages should be noted when visa applications are made, as any follower of such will fail our character tests

The Australian crime commission confirms crime and terror funding links in Australia, but nothing done about it, But it backs up what I stated earlier, it is not just crime but huge tax free wealth accumulation

Australia is under Islamic control already, we even now certify coal as halal, fit to eat.  The Australian people are starting to see Islam has more POWER than our Government and leader, Islamic see this and makes them positive of a takeover, Aussies see it as our Government and leader no longer in control of Australia and shall vote accordingly like the shock EU election win by an outside party.

More evidence donation money funds terror cells, channel 7 news special

Just before the EU asylum invasion, NATO warned it was about to happen, and warned it wont be genuine. At such stage they had heard they will be smuggled into the EU in April, as yet unaware they will get let in freehold with no identity checks.

AFP wanted to make terrorists and radicals look like hero’s, how can such forces be allowed to tackle these Islamic matters with such stupid attitude, this is not policing it is playing social do-gooder gods, the AFP needs a big shake up, and that week the public commented that this is beyond a joke..We can not have national security under such stupidity, no offence This was evidenced by massive public backlash on SBS and ABC wanting to glorify Zakie Mallah  Not one person liked it.

A.C.T. Govt considers de-registration of Islamic council, well the WA council is their leader and equivalent to Prime minister in waiting, We should de-register all Islamic councils but first denounce Islam as a recognised religion, as these councils are the leaders of everything Muslim in Australia even fundings and donation schemes and distributions

Our Customs have mass Islamic staff infiltrations, again more recently via convicted terror male that at least 300 of his weapons “incl guns and gun parts” came by AUS POST MAIL AND GOT PAST AUS POST CUSTOMS again reflecting upon the aforementioned about it’s Muslim CEO. It is just crazy employing them at customs,  what don’t they control? How secure are our agencies making us?

ISIL openly declares it smuggled in many as asylums, had even warned it a year prior, hence the Paris attackers also The EU are endangering us.

Why was it so easy for Muslim terrorists to break into our defence depot and steal weapons and rocket launchers? and, was this the rocket launcher found in the Paris raids ? This just shows how laxed our security is, in fact, no offence, I can run our security and federal policing far better

Naming ISIL in such reports should be a crime, fine to report a terror org threat but not use the tag ISIL,  why??? because it attracts people to be recruited to ISIL, we must stop this practice by the media on security grounds, as going public saying ISIL pledges revenge attacks on Australia is granting ISIL what it wishes to be heard

THIS POLITICIAN HAS GOT IT RIGHT, and hopefully this document lets all other politicians see his call is right

These Wikileak documents hacked by wiki also highlight the plans to take over governments in Australia

The last asylum riot cost us $10 million, good character?  then add up all past damage costs and it is huge,  we are being taken for a ride, and look at all the pressure that has been put on govt over it, not worth even getting into asylum

Deranged Merkel told by EU to seal her borders,  this should alert you all to the bigger picture of why.

CIVIL WARS ? But it is dividing governments into going out of control, we already have leftist divides of Islamic appeasers, and they need to learn the facts very fast and stern

Government should be ashamed of this matter, it had 100% public disgust, this shows Islam holds control over this current government if this is not reversed.  I am ashamed to see such laying down.

A wikpedia brief history on Islam, nothing but wars and trying to control regions

RECENT, more control and exemptions over our govt and law, using religion as exemption to not stand in court before a judge.  So many religion exemptions Muslims are enforcing and being allowed to with no stern action to stop it, each success empowers them all, they are showing their religion is as they say, above us and above the law

We have many people refusing to accept our law per the aforementioned grounds and using religion as an excuse and exemption to breach even security laws that apply to everyone but Muslims, this is wrong and a huge feeder problem, and, the only person making positive activity on these matters is the Immigration minister via deporting many bad apples.   Refusing to abide by our laws regardless of excuse is a visa and citizenship breach as it was an undertaking to remain here, then add their crime bad character.  It continues this attitude from most Muslims, the patrol police will verify this attitude is rife. Therefore because it is worsening, the need to start deporting on justifiable grounds is essential to send a strong message which will put a stop to these matters.  Anyone saying their religion prevents them complying to our laws must be sent back to where that allegiance is, anyone with reasonably serious crime convictions must also be deported as a lesson to all and to show voters we are not tolerating these people dictating to us and Govt.  There has been huge volumes of rapes but the media hush up the Islamic background under political correctness, this must stop, we need our police to be compelled to inform federal authorities about any serious Muslim crime and to be passed on for IMMI department consideration of suitability.  Do not listen to media attacks as the public majority out-number the media rubbish.


  • Denounce Islam as a religion, reclassify it as a cult, akin to high court doing same with Jehovah, it will not contravene sect 116 as the grounds used will evidence it does not fit the definition of a religion, and also evidence how many use it to say they refuse to abide by our laws and constitution, furthermore, this will not stop them practicing it at home per freedom of choice to follow their cult at risk of prosecution if anything runs contrary to our laws.
  • Denouncing Islam as a recognised religion then gives rise to ban mosques, as the grounds of Koran conflict with our laws, such public preaching of the Koran is an incitement entity to breach our laws etc, they will just have to sell them, and maybe some small compensation can be allowed
  • Make a law of incitement for anyone who preaches in public that Islamic or sharia law comes ahead of Australian law
  • All the shady Islamic charity and donation schemes to be stopped via the religion being denounced, therefore the ACNC will have to strip such status from most their entities, however, many will just change the charity status to volunteer helpers, therefore, my earlier mentioned suggestion to cut out all govt donation and charity tax deductions will solve these backdoor avenues, it also saves tax payers big dollars and stops all type charities milking us as most do be them Islamic or not. If an entity wants to raise funds it can engage a volunteer to attract and collect such directly for them.
  • Deport any Muslim who displays no allegiance and who refuses to recognise our laws even on a mere say-so by them.
  • Ban halal certification on all domestic produce, the religion not recognised and local produce does not justify certification but import/exports can
  • ISLAMICS NOT TO BE EMPLOYED IN GOVERNMENT their following of the Koran even if no longer an official religion is a national security risk.
  • All big financial deposits from Australia to the middle east and Indonesia to be scrutinised.
  • All suspected terrorists or radicals to have their mobile phones secretly bugged using a hidden method such as sniperspy so they can be monitored 24 -7 as it is all recorded to a server .
  • All suspected terrorists or radicals to have their computers secretly monitored by a method such as sniperspy. these can be done during detained time, they require a simple hidden file executed on their computer, takes 2 seconds and can be monitored direct live or all stuff recorded to a server including constant screen shots, convos, passwords, logins etc. and add the executed file as an exception in their anti virus so it wont be detected.
  • Make a public govt education video that the Koran ideals that breach ours will not be tolerated and our law will apply, and that religion excuses for crime will not be tolerated.
  • Ban all media using the words daesh and ISIL,  they can only state the description terror cell but not name it, this fast makes ISIL die out in peoples minds who follow it, and will stop converts and radicalist and extremists.  For the first year, they are not to allow such words in readers comments.
  • Stop all donation and tax deduction schemes for charities.  and revoke all registrants of such starting at the new tax year.
  • All middle east asylums since arrival of coalition forces in the middle east are to be classified as deserters but prior victim claims can stop their govt implementing reprisals upon return.  Their government did call their men up to service, the services we are there training and assisting.
  • The UN and all coalition countries are to pool all asylum funds and redirect them for one year to construct a safe zone in the middle east preferably Syria, it will be enough to build a new modern city, allow many to be returned to safety and be trained for their forces to defend against future attacks
  • The EU must also denounce their religion and other things above, or be deemed a security risk to the alliance, as any ally country taken over by Islam creates a new base and infrastructure to be used against others.
  • Any grant of a shooters or firearm purchase licence requires proof of being a citizen for 10 years if not born in Australia
  • Double up on customs goods search handlers in all custom depots “creates jobs” all staff must be citizens for at least 10 years

These are issues our summit should have been considering, and if not now, they shall be forced by more dire out of control circumstances to do so later. But unwise to let Islam grow a bigger foothold in the interim as it is using population numbers to implement its plans. These issues need fast harsh policy as we are having fast growing volumes of various Islamic clashes and problems every week. All existing Islamics are free at their own onus to practice their faith at home, we are not restricting or discriminating, we are saying, this is Australia not Islam, we have freedom from forceful religion and laws that are to be abided by everyone, or your welcome to return to a homeland.   And no doubt assured a landslide voter support and be a world leader in resolving ISIL AND KORAN clashes and will go down in history as stopping the centuries of problems wars and mass deaths caused by that religion over centuries simply because people let it remain a legit religion.


ISIL and Islamic Koran plans will fast pale into insignificance, no mentions, no recognitions, no credits and no legitimate religion status.


Europe I dare say will dive on these suggestions to undo much of the harm they created by error.


Brian Woods

Leader / Founder Secure Australia Party














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  1. Elaine Stokes

     /  November 27, 2015

    I wish that every politician was made to read the Koran, then we may have some decent decisions made , not only for our country but the whole world!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. totally agree

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Phyllis

     /  November 28, 2015

    Need more time to absorb it all.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Michael Mazur

     /  November 29, 2015

    Israel isn’t taking in even one ‘Syrian refugee’, nor is Saudi Arabia, nor are members of the Gulf States. I read that as meaning that Israel is the conductor of the Islamic orchestra inundating Europe, Australia, North America.
    Am supported in that view as none of the assorted Islamic terror groups in the Middle East have threatened Israel, be they named ISIL, ISIS, IS, Daesh, Takfiri, al Nusra, etc etc, as they are all the same people.

    You’ll have to work on your English expression.


  5. Would love you to contact us


  6. David

     /  November 29, 2015

    the filth arrogance you have to assume you are the only one who has seen this or been aware of it is staggering. the retarded idiocy you have to think for 1 second that the PM could be taken hostage and other ministers not know is beyond belief, That you can be so fucking moronic as to think a captured PM could summon the security chiefs and also have them held hostage shows you to be a complete and utter fuckwit.
    If you make any sane points it would be after you have completely destroyed your credability.


    • David, whilst you live in leftist fantasy world, recently Canada parliament was raided by ISIL people and people shot in the parliament by them and they even escaped the scene, so there goes your total postings argument. I said i know more than authorities not everyone, and clearly by your response i know more than you on the issues.


  7. David, the PM is often in and out of his office, to hijack such office and its staff around the general knock off time and close that office would not spark suspicion. Terrorists will not give a stuff if someone discovered them, they will revert to a plan B….It can be held captive with everyone knowing it under hostage theme, they do not care how they do it they just care about doing the task. In Canada they just walked in randomly shooting at people, then walked out calm to their getaway car. No purpose other than to show global politicians how they can easily enter and control a parliament.


  8. Articles like this one will attract Islamics and Isil appeasers to comment against it, especially this article as it covers closing all their doors and aims. It will also attract the illiterate leftists who think the world is a conspiracy against them and is why they have no friends. However, nobody is perfect, and someone has to do the real yards


  9. Lennie

     /  November 30, 2015

    Wow! Who actually wrote this? I think I’m in love!!!
    THIS is the type of person who should be driving this bus for Australia, and making the tough decisions that reflect AUSTRALIANS’ BEST INTERESTS, short AND long term, NOT muslims.


  10. Lennie

     /  November 30, 2015

    Michael Mazur really? REALLY? All that pertinent information, inarguable fact, analysis – all of which is exactly correct for those of us who KNOW islam and the muslim agenda – and all you can point out is that his english expression needs work and there’s no way his suggestion of a hostage situation in Parliament could come to the fore?

    Mate, you really need to stop thinking like a pre pubescent teen. The possibility that these “wild” things is not just a remote possibility but a very real possibility in coming years. Infiltrating our government has probably already been initiated, and this is another reason why our laws should prohibit anyone who is less than second or third generation Australian born, from being employed in any government, policing, judicial or ministerial position. Sleepers can sleep for 30 years, or a lifetime if need be. You should read Tom Clancys’ work – in particular Executive Orders – which is so close to fact, truth and reality, and exposing what could actually happen if terrorists wished, that it’s been rumoured since his death that he was killed by the CIA to shut him up, and because the US government couldn’t ever track down the contact/s he must certainly have had inside to enable him know to much.

    PS: Here’s a heads up … you might have to work on your comprehension if you can’t understand what “draft” means. Glass houses, and stone throwing and all that 😉


  11. Neil Wedd

     /  December 2, 2015

    What a load of laundry tripe. Please back up all the facts. Not sure what you are on, but it is provoking flights of fantasy.


    • Neil it is very common for those in the music industry like you , farnham and barnsy to have this blind attitude, barnsy got huge backlash then a few weeks later was seconds away from death when a terror bomb went off just where he had passed, then like you one day…reality check time…Nice try but best you stay in your shell and we will keep you safe via our awarenesses and actions. Dont fret or lose any sleep over it, at least you delved out of the shell to have read the post, that’s a start… stick to your sites interests i suggest. free plug 4u


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